Fix Drivers can't download

Driver errors are the most common errors which are the companion of windows since its invention. Drivers! as the name tells they enable the program to get operate. Without them, you can’t even move the mouse cursor. It is necessary to use Windows full functions that your drivers must be upto date and supportive. Among … Read more

How to Rectify “Excel file could not be found” error

fix Excel file could not be found error

MS Excel is undoubtfully the biggest platform to create the spreadsheets of any content. It is being used widely, in educational institutes, profit, and nonprofit organizations. The biggest drawback of the technology is that it’s not errorless. Issues can occur with any online or offline platform. Same goes with the Excel used, there are only … Read more

Fix We can’t install this printer right now error

We can’t install this printer right now error

Most of the users are using printers in their offices and homes for their daily work. However many of the users are facing printer error 384 while connecting the printer with the network.  Some of the users see the pop message We can’t install this printer right now. This error is faced by users who used … Read more

Fix Ethernet not working when connected to Dell dock

Ethernet not working when connected to Dell dock

Dell company create one of the best laptops for their users. The creator makes laptops for every type of user. Most of you are using Dell laptops especially the latitude series. But as we know nothing is perfect, sometimes users face some issues while using these machines. Many of the Dell Latitude series users have … Read more

Facing “Excel file could not be accessed” issue – Rectify error through this tutorial

fix "Excel file could not be accessed" issue

MS Excel is used worldwide to create sheets. To record Accounts, Transactions, daily records, and many more things MS Excel is a prior choice. MS Excel is one of the most stable and errorless software ever designed. But we can’t deny that technology can’t be errorless. Although it’s an offline platform and there are very … Read more

Fix Unable to launch the Java update installer error

Unable to launch the Java update installer error

Java is a program by which users can create various applications. This is a programming language and computing platform which is released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Many apps and websites are there that will not work unless you have installed Java on your Windows PC. Without it, users can’t create apps and almost all the … Read more

How to fix can’t download Nvidia Control Panel

fix can’t download Nvidia Control Panel

Nvidia is one of the most famous graphic cards that provides the best performance. Most of the gamers and professional editors use Nvidia cards so that they could not face any graphic issues. This is a well-known brand that provides top of the line GPUs for the usres. Users can get regular updates so that … Read more

Why I Can’t use the phone companion app? – Here’s how to fix

The phone companion app by Microsoft corporation is quite in discussion these days. Developers always try to bring convenient ways of establishing a connection between phones and computers. People now avoid using USB Cable to connect the phone with computers. They want over the air connectivity. The latest connectivity source for phone and laptop is … Read more

Fix Windows Live Mail is not deleting messages

Windows Live Mail is not deleting messages

Windows Live Mail is an email client that allows users to send or receive emails on your PC. This email client is developed by Microsoft and users can download it for free from the official website. Also, you can add other email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo and more. Windows Live Mail is a very neat … Read more