How to fix Runtime Errors on Windows 10?

How to fix Runtime Errors on Windows 10?

A Runtime Error is an error that happens at the hour of running or executing a program. At the point when this error happens, the program may hang or crash showing an error message. There are numerous reasons for a runtime error, similar to when the program enters a boundless circle, it triggers the runtime … Read more

How to stop Microsoft from tracking you

Perhaps the most valuable thing, nowadays, is information and quite possibly the most dubious inquiries “Is my information safe?”. Protection is a significant concern and practically all organizations, be it Apple, Google, Microsoft, and so on are liable for information assortment. We have effectively perceived how you can change Windows 10 Privacy settings – that … Read more

Fix: Windows cannot find Bin64\InstallManagerApp.exe

Not having appropriate drivers installed for applications that are graphically requesting and support top-notch recordings could bring about err0r messages like this – Windows cannot find ‘Bin64\InstallManagerApp.exe‘. In this post, we will tell you the best way to fix this Bin64 InstallManagerAPP.exe error in windows 10. Windows cannot find Bin64\InstallManagerApp.exe Bin64 InstallManagerAPP.exe is a product … Read more

Fix: Task Manager crashes or freezes on startup in Windows 10

If Task Manager freezes or crashes and closes quickly on Windows 10, then one of these suggestions makes certain to help you. The Windows Task Manager is an advanced program or device that allows you to monitor applications, cycles, and administrations running on your PC. You can find how your framework’s assets are used, you … Read more

Fix: WslRegisterDistribution failed with error 0x80070032

Fix File Permission Issue

While upgrading from one rendition of WSL to the following, you may get WslRegisterDistribution failed with error 0x80070032. This essentially happens because you might not have enabled the Virtual machine stage. While the more established variant of WSL would work, the most recent may not. This post will help you how you can fix the … Read more

Fix: dllhost.exe showing High Disk Usage

dllhost.exe showing High Disk Usage

If you open your Task Manager and see an interaction called dllhost.exe taking a high piece of your Disk, don’t promptly close it to be an infection as it isn’t. In this article, we will perceive what is dllhost.exe and for what reason is it showing High Disk Usage. Dllhost.exe or COM Surrogate host measure … Read more

Fix: Sticky Notes stuck on Loading Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes stuck on Loading Sticky Notes

A few users have confronted this issue that when in the wake of opening the Sticky Notes app, the app doesn’t show or load the Sticky Notes list that contains every one of the notes stored by users. It just stuck there and closing and re-opening the app doesn’t help. If in the wake of … Read more

Fix: Computer freezes or crashes when closing Programs or Games

Computer freezes or crashes when closing Programs or Games

While most issues are known to happen while running an application or programs, many have additionally reported that their Computer freezes or crashes when closing Programs or Games. This essentially boggles the psyche on why the computer would crash, some of the time quickly and in some cases following a couple of moments. While it … Read more

How to Paste as Plain Text in Windows 10

Paste as Plain Text

The Paste is a generally used function of a program and operating framework that permits the user to Copy text or picture from one location and position it on the other location. Along with this unnecessarily useful function comes an undesirable source format. While copying the text using the Mouse key or Ctrl+C order, the … Read more

Fix: DAX3API.exe keeps popping up in command prompt

DAX3API.exe keeps popping

If you are using a PC with Dolby Atmos support then you may have a DAX API measure that accompanied the DAX API programming bundle. DAX3API.exe is the executable file that has a place with this interaction. Notwithstanding, numerous users have complained that it is taking an enormous piece of their CPU and GPU and … Read more