How to Fix Laptop Camera Not Working in Windows 10

At the point when your camera isn’t working in Windows 10, it may be that the drivers are absent after an ongoing update. It’s likewise conceivable that your enemy of infection program is hindering the camera or your security settings don’t permit camera access for some applications. A few clients have detailed that the camera … Read more

How to use the Phone Calls feature in Windows 10 – Use Android, iOS Phone on Windows

use Phone Calls Feature in Windows 10

The phone call feature is the new addition to Windows 10 made by Microsoft officially. Windows connectivity game is really getting strong over the years. All operating systems ensure the easy connection specification except iOS. Luckily, this time iOS users are also able to connect their phone with Windows. The basic purpose of this feature … Read more

How to Fix Windows Defender High CPU Usage in Windows 10

Fix Windows Defender High CPU Usage.Windows Defender High CPU Usage,Fix Windows Defender High Usage,Windows Defender High Usage,Windows Defender CPU Usage,Fix Windows Defender CPU Usage

Windows Defender is Microsoft default and most strong line of barrier with regards to a purchaser’s digital assurance. This is done gratitude to the security insight definitions which it always updates. In any case, those of you running Windows 10 on more established PCs may see that Windows Defender’s maximum CPU utilization for sweeps can … Read more

How to add Advanced Startup Options menu in Windows 10

If you’re worn out on bootable DVDs or USB drives, then you should know there is another option. You could take a stab at including an Advanced Startup Options setting menu, which will enormously accelerate the way toward rebooting the OS. Be that as it may, by modifying libraries, you can get over every one … Read more

Fix The DNS name does not exist in Windows 10

Fix The DNS name does not exist in Windows 10

Microsoft’s official products are the reason why users are in love with Windows OS. The Microsoft Store, and the most beloved chromium-based web browser known as Microsoft Edge. Users have now started to prefer this web browser for performing online activities. Because they know, it’s the most secure web browser for Windows PC. But many … Read more

How to Use Firefox Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Mode

Firefox Picture-in-Picture

Not long ago, Mozilla reported that it will execute a Picture-in-Picture mode for their program. This component would enable video to be played in a little overlay on the screen, and users could explore among tabs and locales without meddling with the playing video using the separated video player. This component is as of now … Read more

How can we use Picture-in-Picture mode on Google Chrome

Now users can enable Google Chrome Picture in Picture mode through this tutorial. If your smartphone or computer doesn’t let you do multitasking than its time to replace. In technology innovation, multi-tasking is the most important element. Every product either television receiver or similar product ensures this thing in their product. Picture in picture mode … Read more

How To Restore Extended Validation Certificates In Firefox

Restore Extended Validation Certificates In Firefox

Million of people around the world using Firefox for browsing. It provides the full speed while browsing and downloading the files. The main feature of Firefox is that it provides maximum privacy while using it. If you are using the firefox then you know that it displays the extended information of websites with Extended Validation … Read more

How To Use Picture-in-Picture Mode in Firefox

Use Picture-in-Picture Mode in Firefox

Most of us know there are two main categories in web browsers. One is the chromium-based and the other is non-chromium. But why internet users prefer using Chromium-based web browsers? Well, the answer is simple. Users prefer to stay private & secure while surfing the internet. Also, such browsers are efficient and they do work … Read more