How to disable Bios Cache or Shadowing

How to disable Bios Cache or Shadowing

A few users have reported getting a Blue screen of death where they are recommended to disable BIOS Cache or BIOS Shadowing. This post will assist you with understanding the message and furthermore help you settle it. What is BIOS Cache or Shadowing? Motherboards have a fixed or perused just storage called ROM. It houses … Read more

How to Fix HDMI Audio device not detected in Windows 10

HDMI is a standard that permits sending uncompressed audio and video information from one device to another. It implies there is no compromise in the quality. You improve sound and clear video. However, perhaps the most widely recognized issues noticed with HDMI is that while the video shows up on the monitor or television, the … Read more

Unblocked Adobe Flash Player [Chrome, Firefox, Edge]

Unblocked Adobe Flash Player

Now that most websites are using HTML5 related scripts, the web browsers have blocked access to Adobe Flash Player. But for more, there’s an option for users to Unblocked Adobe Flash Player whenever they want to. So if you are unfamiliar with bypassing this restriction on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, read this article. FIX: FIREFOX … Read more

How to Test Surround Sound Speakers on Windows 10

How to test Surround Sound Speakers on Windows 10

With such countless speakers to position appropriately, if you’re a PC user with numerous speaker arrangements, setting up another surround sound configuration can be overwhelming. Conveniently, Windows 10 remembers a little worked for a test program that can help you set it up. In this post, we will show you how to test Surround Sound … Read more

How to Fix BitLocker Setup Errors in Windows 10

A problem occurred during BitLocker setup

You may experience the mistake message An issue happened during BitLocker setup when attempting to encode Windows 10 framework drive with BitLocker on a machine joined to the domain in an OU (Organizational Unit). This post gives the most appropriate answers to this issue. It ought to be noticed that an instance of the blunder … Read more

How to uninstall Linux in Windows 10 Dual Boot setup

Delete Volume

You may have installed Ubuntu or some other Linux distro on your PC close by Windows 10. However, perhaps now if you would prefer not to use Linux any longer. For this situation, you will wind up having a Linux segment on your hard drive that is taking up some circle space. In this post, … Read more

How to change default Webcam in Windows 10

If your laptop’s internal webcam does not work anymore or has been supplanted by a superior quality outside webcam, you can design your PC to use any of the camera devices for a specific application. In this post, we will show you the speedy route on how to handily change the default Webcam in Windows … Read more

How to install Windows 10 from Android phone

How to install Windows 10 from Android phone

A back-up copy of Windows 10 is consistently convenient to have around as you can make bootable media that can be used as a recovery climate for investigating or performing clean installs of the most recent Windows 10. You can likewise use them to make Windows 10 virtual machines using Hyper-V, VirtualBox, or VMware. So … Read more