How to fix Audio Delay in VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player has been a veteran in the Video Player space, especially for Windows. The built-in Windows Media Player was not able enough to play different kinds of videos and regularly come up short on some useful provisions. In this way, VLC Media Player was like a much-needed refresher. However, an Audio Delay issue … Read more

How to Fix Bluetooth audio stuttering in Windows 11

Fix Bluetooth audio stuttering

In this post, we will list the potential answers for fixing Bluetooth audio stuttering in Windows 11/10. Audio stuttering is additionally called Sound distortion. There are a few causes of this mistake, as defiled or obsolete drivers, recurrence issues, and so forth A few users have detailed that the issue was fixed when they wound … Read more

How to fix Can’t make a call on Skype on Windows 10

Skype is one of the most popular VoIPs in the market. It is used mainly for business purposes by various ventures to create an organization of all their representatives. In this way, after messaging, calling is the most prominent use of Skype. What if you can make no call with Skype? We have accumulated a … Read more

How to Open IPSW Files on Windows 10

How to Open IPSW Files on Windows 10

You will discover IPSW files on your Windows PC, if you use an iPad, iPod, or iPhone. These files are effectively unimportant if not for their humongous size. In this post, we see what are IPSW files and should you delete them or not. What is an IPSW file? The files you see with IPSW … Read more

How to reset Mouse settings to default in Windows 10

It’s anything but a remarkable incident for your PC’s mouse to act unnaturally. You might notice it to not get on your commands or to do as such however in a postponed style. While this may not appear to be an issue on paper, having a broken mouse can hamper your work enormously. A mouse … Read more

How to Fix Windows Defender error 0x8007139f on Windows 11/10

Fix Windows Defender error 0x8007139f

If when you endeavor to run a Microsoft Defender examine on your Windows 10 or Windows 11 device, yet the AV filter comes up short and you get the error code 0x8007139f, then this post is planned to assist you with answers for resolve the issue. At the point when you experience this issue, you’ll … Read more

How to check Network Adapter Speed on Windows 10

How to check Network Adapter Speed on Windows 10

We as a whole do speed tests using outsider apps to check the speed of our internet. Do you know that you can check the speed of your internet and network adapter on Windows 10? In this aide, we will show you how you can check network adapter speed on Windows 10. Network speeds vacillate … Read more

Fix Runtime Error R6034 in Windows 11/10

Fix Runtime Error R6034 in Windows 11/10

Getting runtime error R6034 on your PC? Here are the conceivable working solutions to fix runtime error R6034 in Windows 10. A few users have supposedly experienced runtime error R6034 generally while running some application or equipment components. A couple likewise has confronted this error on modifying some system files. This error may likewise happen … Read more

How to Download or Change Windows 11 wallpapers

Windows has consistently astounded us with its assortment of wallpapers; however, Windows 11 took a stage forward in improving the feel and ease of use. The wallpapers and topics have been made with the end goal that the difference made between the foundation and the content is simpler to peruse. How to download the most … Read more

How to perform Mouse Latency Test in Windows 10

Mouse Latency Test

Have you at any point seen the deferral in your mouse activities while basically working on your Windows 10 PC or while playing a game? This postponement is in fact named Mouse Latency. We should get familiar with somewhat more about it today. In this post. We will discuss: What is mouse latency? Purposes behind … Read more