How to Fix Microsoft Surface Heatup Issues

Surface Heatup Issues

If while using your Surface device and you see a black screen with a huge Thermometer symbol, and your Surface closes down promptly, then this post is intended to help you. In this post, we will portray what the thermometer symbol implies and give prescribed moves you can make to prevent future events. How to … Read more

How to Fix Unclickable Taskbar in Windows 10

Fix Unclickable Taskbar

Not ready to click anything on your Windows 10 Taskbar? No concerns! This guide will help you fix an unclickable Taskbar in Windows 10. A few Windows 10 users face taskbar issues like taskbar freezes, taskbar stops working, Cortona taskbar not working, taskbar buttons not working, and so on One of these issues likewise includes … Read more

Install Windows 10 21H1 using Windows 10 Update Assistant

Install Windows 10 21H1 using Windows 10 Update Assistant

The rollout for the following is still a few days away however if you can’t fight the temptation of getting your hands on the most recent rendition of Windows 10 on your Windows 10 device, you can download it using Windows 10 Update Assistant. Windows 10 Update Assistant can assist you with configuring Windows 10 … Read more

How to fix Runtime Errors on Windows 10?

How to fix Runtime Errors on Windows 10?

A Runtime Error is an error that happens at the hour of running or executing a program. At the point when this error happens, the program may hang or crash showing an error message. There are numerous reasons for a runtime error, similar to when the program enters a boundless circle, it triggers the runtime … Read more

How to view Wi-Fi Network Driver information on Windows 10

View Wi-Fi Network Driver information

Wi-Fi otherwise called Wireless Location Area Network, WLAN, is the most mainstream device used for connecting the web to the PC in homes, schools, and independent venture units. Wi-Fi network is made viable with the PC with the assistance of Wi-fi network drivers. The network drivers are the wellspring of communication between the working framework … Read more

How to view Wi-Fi Network Adapter settings on Windows 10

Wi-Fi Network Adapter settings

Wi-Fi Network Adapter is an electronic equipment device used in PCs and laptops to connect the close-by neighborhood LAN to the framework. It produces significant orders needed by the PC to impart to the wireless web device. The primary function is performed by the receiving wire to communicate the radio wave to the Wi-fi connected … Read more

Fix: INVALID_KERNEL_HANDLE BSOD error 0x00000093


In this article, we will talk about the potential answers for the INVALID_KERNEL_HANDLE BSOD error 0x00000093. This BSOD isn’t seen a lot of these days on Windows 10 ao frameworks yet was more normal in before adaptations. The INVALID_KERNEL_HANDLE bug check has a value of 0x00000093. This bug check indicates that an invalid or protected … Read more

How to stop Microsoft from tracking you

Perhaps the most valuable thing, nowadays, is information and quite possibly the most dubious inquiries “Is my information safe?”. Protection is a significant concern and practically all organizations, be it Apple, Google, Microsoft, and so on are liable for information assortment. We have effectively perceived how you can change Windows 10 Privacy settings – that … Read more

Fix: Task Manager crashes or freezes on startup in Windows 10

If Task Manager freezes or crashes and closes quickly on Windows 10, then one of these suggestions makes certain to help you. The Windows Task Manager is an advanced program or device that allows you to monitor applications, cycles, and administrations running on your PC. You can find how your framework’s assets are used, you … Read more