Wi-Fi Network Adapter settings

How to view Wi-Fi Network Adapter settings on Windows 10

Wi-Fi Network Adapter is an electronic equipment device used in PCs and laptops to connect the close-by neighborhood LAN to the framework. It produces significant orders needed by the PC to impart to the wireless web device. The primary function is performed by the receiving wire to communicate the radio wave to the Wi-fi connected to the PC. We have perceived how to view Wi-Fi Network Driver information, now let us see view the Wi-Fi network adapter settings on Windows 10.

Check Network Adapter settings on Windows 10

Wi-Fi Network Adapter settings

Numerous fundamental functions of the Wi-fi network adapter can be made do with the assistance of the Settings application yet a rooted investigation requires not many more clicks. The beneath interaction will direct you in viewing Wi-fi Network adapter settings on Windows 10:

  1. Open Command Prompt as an Administrator.
  2. Inside the Command Prompt window, type the following-netsh wlan show interfaces
  3. Press the Enter key to see the settings of your Wi-Fi network adapter.

The Network adapter settings can essentially be gotten to through the order prompt of the PC framework. Therefore, you first need to open a raised Command Prompt and run the related order.

To do as such, right-click on Start and select the Run exchange box from the menu list. Then sort cmd in the text box and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

If User Account Control (UAC) prompts and requests your permission then click on the Yes button to continue.

Now you type the following order and press Enter to view Wi-Fi network adapter settings.

netsh wlan show interfaces

Running the above order will show the Wi-Fi network adapter settings not too far off on your screen. However, other than this, if you need to get to the settings of a specific profile, you can do it by running a basic order.

To do as such, type the underneath order and press Enter:

netsh wlan show interface name="WLAN-INTERFACE-NAME"

In the above order, you will have to supplant WLAN INTERFACE NAME with the name of the specific profile that must be viewed by the user. The most commonly used adapter is the Wi-Fi network adapter, in such case, the WLAN interface name will become “Wi-Fi”.

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Subsequent to performing the steps, you will have the option to view, interesting SSID, signal strength, name and characteristics, radio sign, address of the wireless adapter, and the pace of transmission.

These subtleties are sufficient to deal with every one of the functions of at least one adapter connected to your working framework.

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