Fix: Task Manager crashes or freezes on startup in Windows 10

If Task Manager freezes or crashes and closes quickly on Windows 10, then one of these suggestions makes certain to help you. The Windows Task Manager is an advanced program or device that allows you to monitor applications, cycles, and administrations running on your PC. You can find how your framework’s assets are used, you can end programs/measures that are troubling you. Windows 10 without a Task Manager is unimaginable.

A portion of the users is reporting that the Task Manager on their PC is crashing when they are trying to use it. This may put a great deal of weight on framework assets if any program is using a dominant part.

Task Manager crashes on Windows 10

You can fix the issue of the task manager crashing on Windows 10 with the following methods.

  • Sweep for any Virus and Malware
  • Run SFC and DISM Scan
  • Investigate in Clean Boot State
  • Use the Reset this PC option.

How about we see every method in detail and fix the issue.

1] Scan for any Virus and Malware

Now and then infection or malware can ruin the performance of projects on PCs. We need to ensure that we install confided in programming, download confided in files, and use got USBs. More often than not antivirus or against malware programs we use on our PC distinguish them and erases them. There are situations where we disable antivirus or against malware to run something. Those situations may set us back. Take a stab at running the antivirus or against malware to completely check your PC. If there is any such file or program that is making the Task Manager crash, they will deal with it and tackle the issue.

2] Run SFC and DISM Scans

SFC (System File Checker) and DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) are the most important instruments that are accessible on Windows 10. These apparatuses go through orders and a large portion of the users don’t know about them.

To run SFC Scan, click on the Start menu and type CMD. Right-click on the Command Prompt from the query items and select Run as administrator. It will open Command Prompt window with administrator advantages. Type the following order and press Enter.

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It will run the sweep and fix the issues with framework files consequently.

To run DISM Scan, press Win+X on your console and select Windows PowerShell (Admin). In the PowerShell application window, enter the following order and press Enter.

It will deal with the corrupted files and fix them by replacing them with new files.

3] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

Performing Clean Boot is one of the best methods in troubleshooting the issues on Windows 10. Clean Booting implies starting a PC with only fundamental projects like drivers and Microsoft programs. No outsider application will run while on Clean boot. With clean boot, you can find which program or administration is causing the accident of the Task Manager and resolve it without any problem.

To perform Clean Boot, press Win+R on your console to open the Run box. Then, type msconfig in the container and press Enter. It will open the System Configuration window. In the General tab, uncheck the button next to Load startup things.

Now, click on the Services tab. In the Services tab, check the button adjacent to Hide all Microsoft administrations and afterward click on Disable all.

Then, click on the Startup tab and attempt to Open Task Manager and disable every one of the projects on startup. If it doesn’t run, click on OK and restart your PC.

Your PC will now run on Clean Boot mode. Only fundamental Microsoft programs run. Take a stab at opening the Task Manager. If it runs totally fine, then the issue is caused by some outsider application which you need to physically find by enabling, disabling every application, and restarting your PC.

4] Use the Reset this PC option

If the Task Manager actually doesn’t run, have a go at resetting your PC.

To do as such, open Settings and click on Updates and Security. Then, select Recovery from the left sidebar and click on Get started under Reset this PC.

Follow the options that appeared on the screen and reset your PC. It will fix the issue you are having with the Task Manager.

These are the conceivable fixes that can help in resolving the accident of the Task Manager. If you have questions or suggestions, do remark beneath.

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