How to convert IMG file to ISO in Windows 10

How to convert IMG file to ISO in Windows 10

We as a whole know how precarious it tends to be the point at which we need to manage a colossal number of files in our everyday life. We run over an assortment of files with different kinds of file expansions which implies each file augmentation is different from another and fills a specific need. IMG is likewise one of the file expansions however it is additionally one of those which we don’t run over in our everyday lives. In this article, we will figure out how to convert these IMG files into ISO files without decreasing the nature of things present inside.

Convert IMG to ISO in Windows 10

Before we start with how to convert the file, how about we initially comprehend what is the reason for an IMG file. IMG files are practically equivalent to ISO files are, used for storing the total image of a circle. The IMG design is generally used for distributing programs like Operating Systems, substantial applications, games, and so on If you are a PC gamer then you may have seen that a large portion of the games either come in the arrangement of either IMG or ISO. It is viewed as one of the better approaches to dump information or copy a CD/DVD in operating frameworks like Windows and Mac. Windows 10 permits you to get to files inside an IMG file very much like it opens an ISO file like a drive in the File Explorer however you may in any case confront certain issues while burning any CD/DVD.

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Now, there are different manners by which you can convert a .img file into a .iso file. You can use applications like PowerISO or an online free tool like IMGtoISO however both of these methods are not full evidence. PowerISO will just change the expansion from .img to .iso and IMGtoISO will wind up with a messed up file with missing internal files. Another full verification and working method of converting the file is using the free OSFMount application.


  1. Download and install the OSFMount tool.
  2. Start the application as an administrator.
  3. When the application is running, Click on Mount new.

  4. Select the option of Disk image file and choose the way of the .img file.
  5. Now, if your .img file comprises various allotments like a framework reinforcement then choose the option of Mount segments as virtual circles else choose Mount whole picture as virtual plates.
  6. Allow the application to choose the sort of Mount according to the substance of the .img file and afterward click on Mount.
  7. When the file is mounted as a Virtual Disk, right-click on the plate and click on Save to image file.
  8. Choose the folder where you need to save the converted file and change the Save as type option to Raw CD Image (*.iso).
  9. In no time flat, you will have a completely converted file.
  10. You can mount different files as you need and convert them as you need. This interaction not just makes it simpler for us to make the working ISO file yet additionally ensures that files are not lost all the while.
  11. Try to unmount the virtual plate when the interaction of change is finished and save some circle space to your benefit.

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