Fix: Mouse Scroll Wheel Not Working in Chrome

While browsing the internet using Google Chrome, many users have complained about a problem. They are unable to work properly with their device’s mouse. So here, I’ve decided to add fixes to Mouse Scroll Wheel Not Working in Chrome. This will help individuals whose Mouse Scroll Isn’t Working in Windows 10.

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5 Ways to Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Not Working In Chrome

Turn Off/On Scroll Inactive

Mouse Scroll Isn't Working in Windows 10

  • Press Windows + I keys to launch settings.
  • Click on Devices >> Mouse
  • Disable the Scroll Inactive toggle and keep it that for some time.
  • Enable the toggle again and restart your PC.

Turn On Universal Scrolling (Lenovo Devices)

In Levono devices, the fix to Mouse Scroll Not Working in Windows 10 can be of enabling Universal Scrolling. To do that, launch the Control Panel and Mouse settings. Navigate to the Wheel tab and select Advanced. Now enable the Universal Scrolling facility. Afterward, in expectations, add Chrome.

Remove Unrelated Chrome Extensions

Mouse Scroll Wheel Not Working in Chrome

Unrelated Chrome extensions can also cause a bunch of troubles. So it’s better to disable or remove them to bypass Mouse Scroll Wheel Not Working in Chrome error. So just navigate to the extensions manager and remove the extensions that you recently added. Thereafter, relaunch Chrome.

Add Logitech Smooth Scrolling for Chrome

Logitech Smooth Scrolling for Chrome

In case you own a Logitech mouse, try getting a perspective extension. Visit the Chrome Store and install the extension for your benefit. This’ll also help you remove this critical error once-n-for all. You don’t need to pay any extra charges to benefit from this extension, but only install it simply by following the on-screen instructions.

Reset Chrome

Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Not Working In Chrome

  • Navigate to Chrome’s settings
  • Scroll down and click on the Advanced link.
  • Navigate to the Reset and clean up section.
  • Click on Reset settings to their original defaults
  • Confirm your action and relaunch Google Chrome.

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