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How to Paste as Plain Text in Windows 10

The Paste is a generally used function of a program and operating framework that permits the user to Copy text or picture from one location and position it on the other location. Along with this unnecessarily useful function comes an undesirable source format. While copying the text using the Mouse key or Ctrl+C order, the user duplicates the text as well as the format connected to the text. This little issue becomes tricky when you copy a huge text body. On Windows 10, it is feasible to paste text without the source format.

The Copy-Paste highlight can be hazardous if you copy any program orders. Software engineers copy the code and paste it over, it can cause an error. It is difficult to distinguish the location of the error.

Pasting plain text is frequently required while taking secondary information from the internet. The user frequently requires only text to be pasted which can later be formatted as the other text in the archive.

How to Paste Plain Text in Windows 10

Direct copy paste is viewed as a helpless form of reuse. The replicated text can be improved with a brief period of investment. This unwieldy cycle has been decreased by the plain text setting represented in this post. There are different approaches to paste plain text from different sources to the archive.

The duplicated text is either from the web or from some report. Here are three methods you can use to paste text without the format connected to it.

  • Through the Keyboard shortcut.
  • Using the Paste Special key.
  • By using the Notepad.
  • Clipboard History.
  • Using freeware.

Now let us see every method in detail:

1] Through the Keyboard shortcut

CTRL + Shift + V

If the text has to be duplicated from the web like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, just use the Ctrl+Shift+V order. This order empowers the user to copy only text leaving behind the format associated with it.

Then again, you can right-click in the text region and select the Paste as plain text option from the context menu to paste the unformatted text. This method will work in programs like Edge Chromium, Chrome, including Opera, etc.

2] Using the Paste Special key


You can likewise Paste Plain Text Only in Word. The Microsoft Word record offers a few pasting options to make the cut, copy and paste easier for the user.

Open the Word record where you need to paste the text. Once it opens, click on the Paste option on the top left of the ribbon menu then select Paste Special from the drop-down menu.

It will open the Paste unique window on the screen. Inside the window select Unformatted Text and click on the OK button.

3] By using Notepad

The duplicated content can likewise be unformatted by just pasting it in the Notepad.

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Once you open the application, press the Ctrl+V keys to paste the text you have duplicated. The unformatted text then can be duplicated and used according to user necessity. Thus, press the Ctrl+A easy route key to choose the text and afterward use Ctrl+C keys to copy the text from the Notepad.

4] Clipboard History

Windows 10 Clipboard History will soon permit you to Paste as Text. The element has been introduced in Insider assembles and will carry out to the steady version soon.

5] Using freeware


Use this nifty minimal utility called Pure Text.

With Pure Text you can copy the article without the rich formatting including intense, italics, underlining, tables and other inserted objects. So what this utility does is that it eliminates such formatting. You can download Pure Text from the landing page.

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