0x80071a90 system restore error

Fix: System Restore did not complete successfully, Error 0x80071a90

When trying to restore the system using System Restore, the program may neglect to work and hurl the following error message – System Restore did not complete successfully. An unspecified error happened 0x80071a90. If you face this issue, then this post may help you fix the issue.

Fix: System Restore did not complete successfully, Error 0x80071a90

Encountering an issue, for example, the one referenced above, can interrupt your stream, and ruin your work completely. By the by, you can defeat it by following any of the offered methods to fix System Restore issues.

  • Check accessible Disk Space
  • Guarantee that System Restore is enabled
  • Check the situation with Services
  • Reset the Repository.
  • Disable security programming briefly
  • Run System Restore in Clean Boot State
  • Fix system picture
  • Check Event Logs.

See the definite depiction beneath!

1] Check accessible Disk Space

Check accessible Disk Space

You can’t simply continue to add stuff to a drive and leave it that way. It ought to be checked for the free space accessible from time to time. A similar principle applies when you have System Restore enabled. Check if you have adequate Disk space accessible when you get the ‘System Restore did not complete successfully’ error message. If not, use Disk Cleanup Tool to get out garbage files. hen, continue with the interaction.

2] Ensure that System Restore is enabled

System Restore is enabled

It is especially essential to verify that System Restore is enabled on the ideal drive. Now and again, you give the activity a shot a different drive, and therefore it neglects to complete.

3] Check the situation with Services

It’s genuinely simple to check the situation with administrations in Windows. Just sort Services.msc in Start Menu Search Box and hit Enter.

Now, ensure that the Volume Shadow Copy and Task Scheduler and Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider Service is Running and set on Automatic.

Likewise, if the Status of System Restore Service isn’t Started, Start it and set the equivalent to Automatic.

4] Repair system image

A system picture addresses a precise of a drive. It permits you to return your PC to the express that existed when the reinforcement was made. If it gets harmed because of debasement or some unknown explanation, you can run the DISM apparatus to fix an undermined Windows System Image and eliminate the error message.

5] Reset the archive

If your Windows device is experiencing inconvenience reading from the Windows Management Interface (WMI) archive, you may have to reset the storehouse as a troubleshooting step. For this,

Boot into Safe Mode without networking and open an order prompt as administrator.

In the Command Prompt window, type the following and hit Enter:

net stop winmgmt

The activity when affirmed will stop the Windows Management Instrumentation Service

Then, go to C:\Windows\System32\wbem and rename the archive folder to repositoryold.


Again open an order prompt as administrator, type the following, and hit Enter:

net stop winmgmt

from that point, type the following and press Enter key.

winmgmt /resetRepository

Now, essentially restart your PC and check if you can make a System Restore Point physically.

6] Create System Restore Point in Clean Boot State

Perform a Clean Boot and afterward attempt to make a system restore point and check whether that works.

7] Disable security programming incidentally

Now and then, the security programming you hurry to ensure your system and its files interferes with the System Restore measure. All things considered, disable the counter infection or against malware program you have enabled and attempt the System Restore again.

8] Check Event Logs

Windows logs occasions, particularly ones pertaining to reinforcements consistently. You can use this information to pinpoint the cause and fix it rapidly.

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Type eventvwr.msc/s in Search Box and hit Enter to open the Event Viewer.

Here, double-tap on Applications and Services Logs to check whether you can assess the occasion depiction or the cause of the issue.

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