Facebook Videos Not Playing in Chrome

Facebook Videos Not Playing in Chrome [Fixed]

Facebook is delivering accessive services so no one ever gets bored of it. For instance, the Facebook Watch facility helps you keep watching videos for as long as you wish to. However, there are users who unable to facilitate with such a facility on their web browser. So here, I present troubleshooting tips to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing in Chrome.

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5 Ways to Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing in Chrome

Clear Browsing Data

A website’s cookie and cache data can cause some errors like Facebook Videos Not Playing in Chrome. So it would be better if you clear the browser’s data. To do so, press the Ctrl + shift + Delete buttons and click on the Clear data button.

Clear Browsing Data in Chrome

Restart Your Browser

After clearing browsing data in Chrome, you should relaunch it. So that the implemented method can work properly. It’ll also help you restart all the website’s data for good. But if you have cleared the saved passwords, you’ll be required to enter them again while visiting a website.

Sign Out/In Facebook

Sometimes the error occurs because your account isn’t collecting the right amount of data from the Facebook servers. So it would be best if you sign out of your account and then sign-in after a time period of 10 or 20 seconds.

Facebook Videos Not Playing

Reset Chrome

You can also perform a troubleshooting tip/trick by resetting Chrome to the default settings. For that, navigate to Menu >> Settings >> Advanced >> Restore Settings to Default. Now from the appearing box, click on the Reset Settings button.

Reset Chrome

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration can cause more RAM consumption. So it would be best that you disable it for good. You need to go to Menu >> Settings >> Advanced. Now under the System section, disable the toggle of Use hardware acceleration when available and click on the Relaunch button.

Facebook Videos Not Playing in Chrome

If nothing helps so far, then it’s maybe because of your poor internet connection. So you need to check that and if possible, try restarting your Wi-Fi router. And after performing that activity, check if it solves the Facebook Videos Not Playing in Chrome issue.

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