Fix: igfxEM module has stopped working error

Fix: igfxEM module has stopped working error

At the point when you sign in to Windows 10, an error message with the following line of portrayal may appear – the igfxEM module has stopped working. If you don’t have a clue, this module is given by Intel and is connected to Intel show the executives however can get flimsy within the sight of extra shows.

igfxEM module has stopped working

The igfxEM module error mainly happens because of the bad or incompatible Intel display driver installed on your PC. Thus, correcting this peculiarity ought to likewise fix the issue or resolve the issue.

  • Update Intel Graphics Display Driver.
  • Forestall the igfxext application from running at the startup.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Intel GPU drivers.

Find the definite portrayal for the above methods beneath!

1] Update Intel Graphics Display Driver

Update Driver

Regularly, at whatever point there’s another update accessible, Windows Update will update your PC framework including the Device Drivers naturally. Likewise, the product updaters of your display drivers will inform you when updates are free. If it doesn’t, you can physically update Graphics Drivers. You could use Intel Driver and Support Assistant.

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2] Prevent the igfxext application from running at startup

  • Press Win+R in combination to open the Run dialog box.
  • Type MSConfig in the unfilled field of the case and press Enter.
  • Change to the Startup tab.
  • Find igfxext under the Startup thing list.
  • At the point when found, uncheck the case to keep it from running at startup.
  • Hit the OK button to apply the changes.
  • Close the window and restart your PC.

3] Uninstall and reinstall the Intel GPU drivers

Re-install Driver

Go to the Device Manager > Display drivers> right-click the driver to uninstall it.

Then, visit the Intel site for the PC > Products Home Drivers and Software > Enter the item or model number or name and afterward select Your OS or Its form > see drivers.

Check if there’s another form or new update of the Intel GPU drivers accessible. Download it to the PC and install it.

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