Fix: Facebook Games Not Loading in Windows 10 [Chrome, Firefox]

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While using Facebook on a web browser, users may face tons of errors. Because the platform has lots of daily traffic which make its servers respond laggy sometimes. So here, I’ve decided to provide workarounds to Fix Facebook Games Not Loading in Windows 10. I’ll provide solutions using Chrome & Firefox web browsers.

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5 Ways to Fix Facebook Games Not Loading in Web Browsers

Clear Browsing Data

A website’s cookies can trouble you a lot. Especially when you are using Chrome or Firefox. So you can clear browsing data of the web browser you are currently using. This’ll help you clear the cache memory and browse the internet smoothly.

Facebook Games Not Loading

For both Chrome and Firefox browsers, press CTRL + Shift + Del keys to launch the clear data tab. From there, select the time period and the nature of data you wish to delete. Afterward, click on the Clear Data button.

Turn-on JavaScript

Facebook games run on JavaScript. So before loading any games on Facebook, please do ensure that JavaScript is enabled on your web browser. Perform the following steps to get this job done on your web browser:

  • Chrome: Navigate to¬†chrome://settings/content/javascriptJavaScript on Chrome
  • Firefox: Open about:config and use the search bar to open JavaScript. True the value of javascript.enabledJavaScript on Firefox

Reset Web Browser

Resetting your web browser can also help you Fix Facebook Games Not Loading error. Because this way you get to clear all the unnecessary operations that run in the background. The process for that cause is different in Chrome and Firefox, so I’ll tell how it’s done:

  • Chrome: Settings >> Advanced >> Restore settings to their original defaultsReset Chrome
  • Firefox: Open about:support and click on Refresh FirefoxReset Firefox

Launch Incognito Mode

Playing Facebook games in Incognito mode is another option to bypass the error. You just have to launch the private tab in your web browser to play games online:

Facebook Games Not Loading in Windows 10

  • Chrome: CTRL + Shift + N
  • Firefox: CTRL + Shift + P

Update Web Browser

Updating your web browser can be a great help in fixing the Facebook Games Not Loading error. You need to check whether if your web browser is fully updated or not. And if there’s a pending update, allow it to update to the latest version.

  • Chrome: Menu >> Help >> About Google ChromeFacebook Games Not Loading in Chrome
  • Firefox: Menu >> Help >> About FirefoxFacebook Games Not Loading in Firefox

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