Facebook Loading Slow on All Browsers

Fix: Facebook Loading Slow on All Browsers

Facebook uses many scripts and trackers for the convenience of its users. So some web browsers start to respond laggy while running heavy codes in the background. That’s why I’ve decided to deliver methods to¬†Fix Facebook Loading Slow on All Browsers. Readers are advised to read the drafted instructions properly.

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5 Ways to Fix Facebook Loading Slow on All Browsers

Use CCleaner

There’s a possibility that your system is causing the Facebook Loading Shows error. There may be some junk files that are causing your system to work laggy. So it’s better to get free software that’ll help clean out the junk files and stop the unnecessary background processes. Click here to get CCleaner on PC.

Get NordVPN

A good VPN can help you fasten your internet surfing speed. You can trust NordVPN to improve your browsing speed and even test its services for a while through the trial version. A good thing is that you can avail the same premium services inside the trial version. Visit the official source to get NordVPN.

Get NordVPN

Turn Off Browser Extensions

Some extensions/add-ons can be problematic. So you navigate to your extension manager in Chrome or Firefox, and from there, disable the ones that are not any good for you. Disable the extensions and then relaunch your web browser to see whether if it works or not.

Facebook Loading Slow on All Browsers

  1. Chrome: chrome://extensions/
  2. Firefox: about:addons or press CTRL + Shift + A

Reinstall the Web Browser

A corrupted web browser can also cause the Facebook Loading Slow on All Web Browsers error. So you can navigate to Settings >> Apps. From there, uninstall the web browser you are using. Afterward, reinstall the same web browser after downloading its upgraded version on your computer.

Facebook Loading Slow

Reinstall JavaScript

Still, Facebook supports JavaScript to run properly. So maybe the installed JavaScript file is corrupted on your computer. To check if that’s the case, you need to simply download JavaScript from a trusted source. And then, launch the downloaded file to reinstall/repair it.

That’s all, keep visiting WindowsBoy for more.

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