Chrome Autofill is Not Working

Fix: Chrome Autofill is Not Working

Chrome’s Autofill is supposed to deliver convenience into the life of internet users. So now some users rely on this facility and can’t work without it. That’s why I’ve added solutions to Fix Chrome Autofill is Not Working.

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6 Ways to Fix Chrome Autofill is Not Working

Enable Autofill in Chrome

Enable Autofill in Chrome

  • Navigate to chrome://settings/
  • Inside the Autofill section enable all the following facilities:
    • Passwords
    • Payment Methods
    • Address and More
  • After enabling the facilities, revisit the website in which you want to benefit from Autofill.

Re-Enable Chrome Password

Chrome Autofill

  • From Chrome Settings, click on the Passwords tab
  • Disable the following toggles:
    • Offer to save passwords
    • Auto Sign-in
  • Relaunch Chrome and enable the password toggles again.

Change Default Folder

Chrome Autofill is Not Working

  • Launch the file explorer after exiting Chrome
  • Type the following code in the address bar and press Enter:
    • %localappdata%\Google\Chrome\User Data
  • Right-click on the Default folder and select Rename
  • Enter Backup default
  • Now launch Chrome and a new Default folder will be created automatically.

Troubleshoot Chrome Settings

Troubleshoot Chrome

  • Click on the three-dotted icon and click on More Tools >> Clear Browsing Data
  • Select the time period from which you are facing the Chrome Autofill is Not Working error.
  • After selecting Time Range, click on Clear Data
  • Now restart your computer.

Restore Default Settings

Restore Chrome

  • From inside the Chrome Settings tab, click on the Advanced button
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on Restore settings to their original defaults
  • Confirm your action and allow Chrome to relaunch.

Turn Off Unrelated Extensions

Fix Chrome Autofill is Not Working

It is a possibility that an extension/add-on is causing the Chrome Autofill to work inappropriately. So it would be best if you navigate to the chrome://extensions/ and disable the toggles of extensions that are no longer any use to you. Do that and then relaunch your chrome browser.

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