Fix: Chrome Not Syncing in Windows 10

One of the biggest reasons for using Chrome is its syncing facility. Users can sync their bookmarks, extensions, passwords, and some other data. But there are users who are unable to benefit from this service. So here, I’ll provide solutions to¬†Fix Chrome Not Syncing in Windows 10.

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5 Ways to Fix Chrome Not Syncing in Windows 10

Reinstall Chrome

Chrome Not Syncing

It is better to reinstall Chrome before performing any workarounds. So if you are using Windows 10, you can navigate to Settings >> Apps to uninstall the software. And once it is completely uninstalled, reinstall it on your computer. Now login with your Google ID to check if it resolves the issue.

Sign-out & Sign-in Again

Chrome Not Syncing in Windows 10

You need to check by signing-out of your Google ID and signing-in back on the same device. To do so, go to chrome://settings/ and click on the Turn off button to begin. Now confirm your action to allow the web browser to sign you out.

Once you have logged out of Google Chrome, relaunch the web browser so it could completely remove the cache files. Now, sign-in again to your Google account and check if it solves your issue.

Reset & Update Passphrase


  • Open
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on Clear Data
  • Confirm your action by clicking on the Ok button.


  • From Chrome’s settings page, click on the Sync and Google services option.
  • Expand the Encryption Options
  • Select one option depending upon your need and relaunch chrome.

Turn On/Off Chrome Sync on Another Device

Fix Chrome Not Syncing in Windows 10

It is advised that you check Chrome Sync on another device. Trying disabling and enabling the sync facility one or two times. To just turn off the sync and not log out, you need to navigate to chrome://settings/syncSetup/advanced. From there, select the Customize Sync bullet and disable all the toggles and then enable them after relaunching Chrome.

To Just Two Devices

So far, if nothing seems to work, try signing-in on just two devices. This’ll help you understand whether if the servers are causing an error or if one of your devices are the reason for this issue. You can simply navigate to Chrome Setting and click on the Turn off button. And when asked, tell Google to Sign-out of all devices. Afterward, sign-in on two personal devices.

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