Fix: SolarWinds Agent Cannot Connect to Server

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SolarWinds is probably a productivity tool mostly preferred by professionals. So in that case, no one likes to be bothered by lame server-related issues. So here, I’ll discuss solutions to¬†Fix SolarWinds Agent Cannot Connect to Server. This’ll help readers find a way to bypass this critical error.

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4 Ways to Fix SolarWinds Agent Cannot Connect to Server

Flush DNS

SolarWinds Agent Cannot Connect

  • Press Windows + X keys to launch start menu options.
  • Click on Windows PowerShell (Admin)
  • Execute the following using PowerShell:
    • ipconfig /flushdns
  • After successful execution of the command, restart your PC.

Restart Advanced Monitoring Agent

SolarWinds Unable to Connect

  • Hit Win + R keys to launch the Run facility.
  • Type Services.msc and press Enter
  • Right-click on Advanced Monitoring Agent and select Restart

Disable Windows Firewall

It is a possibility that Windows Firewall is blocking SolarWinds Agent to Connect to Server. And it’s not giving the right access to network adapters to work appropriately. So it would be best to check by disabling the Windows Firewall for a moment.

Disable Windows Firewall

You can launch the Control Panel to progress. Now from the larger icons category, click on System and Security. From there, you can visit the Windows Defender Firewall settings tab. Now from the left pane, click on Turn Windows Defender on/off.

Turn off the Firewall settings for both Public & Private Network Settings. And after disabling this security facility, open the SolarWinds client and check if it resolves the issue.

Update Network Drivers

SolarWinds Agent Cannot Connect to Server

  • Launch Device Manager using the search bar.
  • Expand the Network Adapters tab.
  • Right-click on the installed driver and select Update Driver
  • Click on Search Automatically for Drivers
  • Follow the onscreen instructions for the complete upgrading of drivers.

Users can also get a third-party program to bypass driver-related issues. It’ll help them locate which driver needs to be updated and even update the outdated drivers without performing any extra hassle.

That’s all, keep visiting WindowsBoy for more.

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