Unblocked Adobe Flash Player [Chrome, Firefox, Edge]

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Now that most websites are using HTML5 related scripts, the web browsers have blocked access to Adobe Flash Player. But for more, there’s an option for users to Unblocked Adobe Flash Player whenever they want to. So if you are unfamiliar with bypassing this restriction on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, read this article.


Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Google Chrome

One way to unblock Adobe Flash Player on Google Chrome is to click on the jigsaw icon and select the Allow option (while visiting a website that uses flash). But if you are interested in unblocking this facility permanently for all websites, then perform the following steps:

Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Google Chrome

  • Navigate to chrome://settings/ using your web browser’s URL bar.
  • Under Privacy & Security, click on Site Settings
  • Scroll down and click on Flash
  • Now enable the toggle of flash to Ask First
  • Relaunch Google Chrome and visit the website that uses flash.

Note: You can also block or allow selective websites to access Adobe Flash Player.

Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Firefox

Mozilla Firefox also allows users to select which websites they want to access flash. But consumers can also change the flash settings to always allow from the web browser’s settings.

Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Firefox

  • While Firefox is launched, press CTRL + Shift + A keys.
  • Click on Plugins from the left pane.
  • Select Always Activate for the install flash plugin
  • Now revisit the website that still uses flash.

Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge works a lot the same as Google Chrome. But while you are visiting a website that requires flash, a popup appears asking that you want to allow once or allow the website to always have access to flash. And if you want the same adobe services for all websites, execute the following workarounds:

Unblock Adobe Flash Player on Microsoft Edge

  • Navigate to edge://settings using the URL address bar.
  • Select Cookies and site permissions from the left-side menu.
  • Click on Adobe Flash
  • Enable the toggle to always get notifications related to Flash privileges.
  • Relaunch Microsoft Edge.

That’s all, keep visiting WindowsBoy for more.

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