How to Fix BitLocker Setup Errors in Windows 10

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You may experience the mistake message An issue happened during BitLocker setup when attempting to encode Windows 10 framework drive with BitLocker on a machine joined to the domain in an OU (Organizational Unit). This post gives the most appropriate answers to this issue. It ought to be noticed that an instance of the blunder message is joined by different mistake codes like 0x8004259a, 0x80072ee7, 0x80042574, and so on Here are a few recommendations that can help you.

You’ll see the following message:

BitLocker Drive Encryption (D:)
Starting encryption
A problem occurred during BitLocker setup. You may need to restart BitLocker setup to continue. Error code: 0x80072ee7
Don’t remove your drive until encryption begins.

The issue doesn’t appear to settle subsequent to restarting BitLocker setup or even after numerous reboots.

A problem occurred during BitLocker setup

How to Fix BitLocker Setup Errors in Windows 10

If you’re confronted with this issue, you can attempt the proposals underneath to determine the issue.

  • Check BitLocker requirements
  • Create a Local Administrator account
  • Make sure that the machine is connected to the corporate network
  • Rename the OU
  • Shrink the drive
  • Convert Dynamic disk to Basic disk

We should investigate the depiction of the cycle involved concerning every one of the recorded arrangements.

1] Check BitLocker prerequisites

Ensure your framework and particularly the drive you’re going to scramble meets the BitLocker prerequisites as recorded underneath:

  • It should have enough free space to make shadow copies of the parcel.
  • It should have in any event 100MB of hard drive space.
  • If the partition is under 500MB, it should have in any event 50MB of free space.
  • If the partition is 500MB or bigger, it should have at any rate 320MB of free space.
  • If the partition is bigger than 1GB, it is suggested that it ought to have at any rate 1GB free.

2] Create a Local Administrator account

If you’re trying to scramble the drive using your domain account, this issue may happen. For this situation, we propose you make a neighborhood administrator record and check whether you can encode the drive.

3] Ensure the machine is connected to the corporate network

You may experience this issue if your framework is overseen at the organization level, because of both the Group Policy settings:

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  • Pick how BitLocker-ensured operating framework drives can be recuperated AND
  • Try not to empower BitLocker until recovery information is stored in AD DS for operating framework drives
  • may be empowered at the following area:
  • Thus, for this situation, guarantee the machine is connected to the corporate organization.

4] Rename the OU

If your framework is important for the domain, within an OU, including a forward slice (/) in its name, you can eliminate the forward cut (/) by renaming the OU and check whether that addresses the issue for you.

5] Shrink the drive

This arrangement expects you to shrink the drive on which you’re enabling BitLocker and check whether that makes a difference. Shrink can be used from the Disk Management tool, which is accessible in Windows 10.

6] Convert Dynamic plate to Basic circle

Another cause for this issue might be the housing of System Reserved Partition (SRP). If SRP lies on a dynamic circle, this issue is normal. For this situation, you need to change the dynamic circle over to an essential plate to fix this blunder and empower BitLocker.

Expectation this makes a difference!

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