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Fix Windows 10 sync settings not working

by Mohsin Raza
Fix Windows 10 sync settings not working

Windows 10 offers a sync feature that permits features like subjects, passwords, language inclinations, simple entry, and few different Windows 10 settings. It works across PCs. On occasion, the sync doesn’t work, or the sync choice is turned gray out, or you get a mistake that may state the Sync setting isn’t working or Sync isn’t accessible for your record. This post will manage you on how you can resolve Windows 10 sync settings not working.

Fix Windows 10 sync settings not working

There can be various reasons why Windows 10 can’t sync settings across devices. It tends to be an issue with the Microsoft record or limitations from the manager or an Azure Active Directory circumstance.

  • Verifying your Microsoft account
  • Using a School or Work Accounts
  • Enabling Microsoft account sync from Registry Editor

You will require administrator authorization for a portion of the proposals.

1] Verifying your Microsoft account

Verify your account

If the record were as of late made, particularly when setting up the record on the PC, it would need to be verified. Microsoft conveys an email or cycles you through the verification cycle. If that is deficient, the sync will come up short.

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Your Info
  2. Search for a link—Verify—and click on it.
  3. At the point when you click on it, it will prompt you to verify using the Authenticator app or Phone Number or some other way.
  4. When done, the sync will start working.

2] Using a School or Work Accounts

At the point when you have a school or work account, the ability to empower sync stays with the overseer. Numerous organizations permit the sync on approved devices, and some just permit it to deal with a solitary device. Be that as it may, if you have a need, you should demand your administrator.

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These records will show a blunder that sync isn’t accessible with your record.

3] Enable Microsoft account sync through Registry Editor or Group Policy

If you have verified, and the sync is as yet not working, you can use the vault method or Group Policy to empower the sync.

Registry method


Open Registry Editor, and explore to the accompanying way.


Make another DWORD with the name—DisableSettingsSync—and set the incentive as 2.

As an administrator, you can make another DWORD—DisableSettingSyncUserOverride, and set the incentive as 2, – permitting users to empower the sync.

Using Group Policy

Group Policy

Open Group Policy Editor, and explore to the accompanying way:

Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Sync your settings

Find the approach Do not Sync, and double-tap to open it. Set it to empower, and save it. If you are a manager, you can check the crate, permitting users to go to sync on.

FAQs on Windows 10 sync settings not working

Here is a portion of the Frequently Asked Questions on issues with Windows 10 sync not working.

What does sync your settings do in Windows 10?

Sync Settings allows you to sync Windows 10 settings, topics, password, language, inclinations, and different Windows settings. At the point when you sign into another PC, verify yourself, each one of those settings will appear on that PC.

How would I turn on sync settings in Windows 10?

Go to Windows 10 Settings > Accounts > Sync your settings > Toggle on Sync settings choice, and anything you desire to sync.

For what reason is my Microsoft account not syncing?

It is conceivable that sync is killed or debilitate by the manager or you haven’t verified your record

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