How to use Spotify While Playing PC Games

How to use Spotify While Playing PC Games

This post assists with using Spotify in PC games using Game Bar in Windows 10. Earlier, when you are playing some game in full-screen mode in Windows 10 and need to use Spotify, you have to switch between the game and Spotify using the Alt+Tab key or use the Win key to access Spotify from Taskbar. That means you can’t appreciate playing a game and control Spotify without interruption. Now it is conceivable to control music on Spotify as well as continue playing the game in full-screen mode in Windows 10. This has made conceivable with the new Spotify gadget added in the Xbox Game Bar of Windows 10.

At the point when the Spotify gadget is added and designed to Game Bar, you can play, pause a melody, change to straightaway and past tracks, add a track to favorite, mix playlist, and so on, without leaving the game you’re playing. As you can find in the image above, the Spotify gadget is obvious to control music while playing a game.

How to use Spotify While Playing PC Games

This feature works for Spotify desktop customers as well as the Spotify app available on Microsoft Store. Another beneficial thing is you can use the Spotify gadget while working with different applications also. Follow these steps to use Spotify while playing a game in full-screen mode:

  • Download and set up Spotify
  • Launch Game Bar
  • Access Widget Menu
  • Click on the Spotify Widget
  • Link your Spotify account
  • Launch Spotify
  • Start game in full-screen mode
  • Access Game Bar
  • Use the Spotify widget.

Above all else, download and set up Spotify on your Windows 10 PC if you haven’t already.

Spotify Gamebar

After that, connect Spotify with Game Bar. For this, use Win+G hotkey to open the Game Bar. You have to enable Game Bar if it is disabled. At the point when Game Bar is opened, click on the Widget Menu symbol and you will see the rundown of available gadgets. Click on the Spotify widget.

A case will open where you need to click on the LINK ACCOUNT button. Now enter your Spotify credentials to sign in to your Spotify account and connect it with Xbox Game Bar.

Link Account

At the point when Game Bar is connected effectively with your Spotify account, you will see a small Spotify gadget with a Launch button on it. You can use that button to open Spotify or do this later.

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Now start some game to play it in full-screen mode. After that, open Game Bar anytime you want, and the Spotify gadget will open. If it isn’t opened, click on the Spotify gadget symbol in the Widget menu to open it or you can see it in the rundown of added gadgets. Use it to change to the following melody, past tune, and so forth

No compelling reason to switch among Spotify and game anymore.

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