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Enable or Disable Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Edge

by Mohsin Raza
Enable or Disable Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Edge

Hardware Acceleration is enabled of course in Microsoft Edge. That implies the internet browser will move all content and illustrations rendering from the CPU to the GPU. If you face issues when using the Edge program, you may disable Hardware Acceleration and check whether it has any kind of effect. Doing this likewise opens up important assets on your PC.

Hardware Acceleration implies using the PC’s hardware for performing a certain assignment and capacity quicker than would be conceivable using the product. This additionally considers the smooth rendering of designs. In many processors, instructions are executed consecutively, i.e., individually, yet you can perform them quicker if you modify a similar cycle a bit using some procedure. The thought is to move all illustrations and text rendering from the Central Processing Unit to the Graphics Processing Unit, along these lines getting better performance.

If you are experiencing moderate rendering when watching recordings, loading pictures, and so forth, then the possibilities are that Hardware Acceleration isn’t enabled. If it is enabled stoppages actually persevere, then your illustrations card driver probably won’t support hardware acceleration, and all things considered, disabling the component is the lone alternative.

Enable or Disable Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Edge

In this article, we are going to explain how to enable and disable Hardware Acceleration the easy path and without hiccups. The technique is as per the following:

  • Open Microsoft Edge
  • Open the Settings region
  • Click the System tab on the left side
  • Find Use hardware acceleration when accessible on the correct side
  • Enable or Disable hardware acceleration.

Let’s discuss further:

The primary thing you should do before anything is to start up Microsoft Edge (Chromium).

Moving forward, you need to dispatch the Settings page by clicking on the button with the three spots, then select Settings. On the other hand, you can squeeze ALT + F then select Settings when done. Immediately, the Settings page should open, showcasing numerous alternatives to browse.

When you’re in the Settings territory, it would be ideal if you look down and click on System that is situated on the left menu.

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From there, go to the segment on the privilege and either enact or deactivate Use hardware acceleration when accessible.

  • If the switch button is blue, then it implies the element is on.
  • If it is white, then that proposes the element is Off.

Finally, click on the Restart button to naturally close and return Microsoft Edge. Then again, you could just physically close and restart whenever.

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