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How To Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

by Ishaq Dar
Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Uninstalling a built-in software is not always as simple as it was used to be. Because the default programs are installed with your system files and they are hard to remove. But that doesn’t mean you can’t complete such tasks, you just have to perform a different procedure to Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. So I’ll provide a step-by-step guide to help you get the job done conveniently.


How Do I Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Step 1. First of all, you have to launch Windows 10 Settings. You can either launch the settings tab from the Start menu or simply press the Win + I keys from your keyboard simultaneously. And from that window, navigate to the Apps category.Uninstall Microsoft Edge

Step 2. Now you’ll see a search bar available under Apps & Features. You need to click once on that search bar and type Edge in it. Once you get the search results, select Edge and click on the Uninstall button. Afterward, keep following the onscreen instructions till you are notified about the successful uninstallation of Edge.Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Step 3. If you want to completely remove Edge Browser from Windows 10, then you’ll have to delete its files without disturbing your operating system. And for that you’ll be required to navigate to the following file path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\87.0.664.66\Installerremove Edge Browser from Windows 10

Note: You may need to change 87.0.664.66 because it’s the Edge browser version that’s installed on your computer. So I’ll suggest you rather than copying and pasting the file path, try to open the folders sequentially.

Step 4. After getting to the right file location, click on File from the menu bar and navigate to Open Windows PowerShell >> Open Windows PowerShell as administrator. This will help you bypass extra hassle.

Step 5. At last, when the PowerShell launches, execute the following command:

.\setup.exe –uninstall –system-level –verbose-logging –force-uninstall

That’s all, keep visiting WindowsBoy for more.

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