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How To Share Files and Folders on Google Drive

by Ishaq Dar
Share Files and Folders on Google Drive

Users can benefit from Google Drive in several ways. One of the beneficial services of using this cloud storage is of sending files from one person to another. But lots of Google Drive sharing permissions are added to assist the users. So here, I’ve decided to write a guide about How To Share Files and Folders on Google Drive. You learn what options are available for file-sharing purposes.


How Can You Share Files and Folders on Google Drive

Share Files on Google Drive

  • Select the file or folder and click on the sharing icon.
  • Or just right-click on a file/folder and select Share
  • Now select the recipient’s email and add a description of that file (optional)

Tweak Google Drive Sharing Permissions

Before sending/sharing a file, users are also allowed to select what others can be done with such files. It’s obvious that you are going to be the owner of that file, so for your recipient, you have the following options:

Share Folders on Google Drive

  • Editor: Can edit shared files/folders
  • Viewer: Download and view the shared content
  • Commenter: Only view and comment on it.

Users can also navigate to the Advanced settings to change the sharing permissions.

Share Files/Folders Publically

You can also share the files/folders publically from Google Drive. For that, you are required to right-click on that particular file and select the Get Link option. Now from the appearing tab, select Anyone with the link. So the persons who have access to the shared link can open the shared content whenever they want to.

Share Files and Folders on Google Drive

Bonus Tip: Users can also Restrict the link sharing to specific people. Meaning, the users whom you have added inside the list, they’ll be able to view and download it. This facility works great for individuals who are using Google Drive to share confidentially with others because such file sharing is then encrypted and protected from the hunter’s eye.

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