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Fix Print Preview or Printing Errors in Word Documents

by Mohsin Raza

While Word offers a superb method to preview the document before it is printed, on occasion, users have reported that they don’t see anything in it. Some reported that in any event, when put to print, the print out ends up being clear. There can be different reasons. It very well may be a setting in the Word report that is restricting it, or it very well may be the printer programming.

Fix Print Preview or Printing Errors in Word Documents

Follow these proposals settle the print preview or print issue with Microsoft Office Word:

  • Enable Print Drawing Options for Office Word
  • Troubleshoot Word Document
  • Reinstall Printer Software
  • Fix Microsoft Office

You may require admin consent for some of them.

1] Enable Print Drawing Options for Office Word


If you have a huge picture in the picture, and that is the thing that you need to print, however, you can’t see it, follow the steps to ensure the image is accessible in the preview.

  • Click on File > Options > Display
  • Check the container which says, “Print drawings made in Word.”
  • Next under Advanced > Show report content > Show picture placeholders

Other alternatives include printing of foundation color, pictures, archive properties, concealed content, and so forth

2] Troubleshoot Word Document

We have composed two aides that can assist you to fix issues with the word documents. The first cause you to investigate harmed Word documents and the subsequent one is identified with Word Printing

3] Reinstall Printer Software

Many want to use Printer’s product to get a preview of the file. If that is the situation and you can’t see it there, you have two alternatives. Either reinstall the product or use the preview offered by Word Document. However long it prints, it should work out fine.

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4] Repair Microsoft Office


If nothing else works, you can have a go at repairing Microsoft Office. The element is inherent. Follow the steps as underneath:

  • Right-click the Start button (lower-left corner), and select Apps and Features on the spring up menu.
  • Select the Microsoft Office item you need to fix, and choose Modify.
  • Then you can decide to run Quick Repair or Online Repair.

Brisk Repair fixes the greater part of the issues rapidly without the requirement for an internet connection, while Online Repair takes longer and should be used when the snappy fix doesn’t work.

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