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Create a Video from Images using Photos app in Windows 10

by Mohsin Raza
Create a Video from Images using Photos app in Windows 10

If you want to create a video from still images using the Photos app in Windows 10, then this article will help you. Instead of using video editing software to create a remarkable video out of your photos, you can use the in-fabricated Photos app. Here is everything you should know to make a film from photos in the Windows 10 Photos app.

Create a Video from Images using Photos app in Windows 10

Create a Video from Images using Photos app

  1. To create a video from images using the Windows 10 Photos app, follow these steps-
  2. Put all images in a folder.
  3. Select them all and right-click on them.
  4. Select Create another video option from the setting menu.
  5. Enter a name for your video project.
  6. Select images from the library and drag them in the Storyboard.
  7. Click on the Text alternative to compose text on an image.
  8. Click on the Motion alternative to apply various movement impacts.
  9. Click the Finish video alternative.
  10. Pick Video quality and click the Export button.
  11. Select a location and give it a name.
  12. Click on the Export button.

To know more about these steps, continue reading.

Step 1: At the outset, place all the ideal images in a single folder so you can pick them rapidly. If it is done, press Ctrl+A to choose all the photos and right-click on them. Select Create another video choice from the right-click setting menu.

Step 2: It will open the Photos app automatically. When opened, you will see three things – Project library, Storyboard, and the preview pane. Task library is the place where you will find all the images you chose earlier. The Storyboard is the timeline of components you want to show in the video. It can contain pictures, title cards, and so forth.

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Step 3: You should choose images from the Project library and drag them into the Storyboard.

Step 4: Now you can do all the editing work. For example, if you want to add a title card, click on the Add title card button. Similarly, if you want to add a book, select the image and click on the Text button. Following that, you will have the option to compose text accordingly.

Step 5: Then again, there are Motion, 3D impacts, and Filters. If you want to add music in the background, the Background music alternative will allow you to do that. The Photos app offers some music for free. If you click on the Background music choice, you can find them on a rundown.

Nonetheless, if you want to install music that isn’t on the rundown, click on the Custom audio button and pick the music from your PC.

Whenever everything is done, click on the Finish video button noticeable in the top-right corner of your screen.

Then, pick a Video quality from the drop-down rundown. It is conceivable to pick among High 1080p, Medium 720p, and Low 540p.

When chosen, click the Export button. Now you should pick a location where you want to save the video file. Do that and give it a name according to your desire. At last, click on the Export button to save the file in the chose location.

Although this method is more than enough for many individuals, you may miss one feature – transition. If you can ignore the drawback, you can create some novel videos from your images.

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