How to Fix Volume Shadow Copy Service error 0x81000202 or 0x81000203 on Windows 10

Volume Shadow Copy Service is firmly connected with the System Restore highlight. The Error codes 0x81000202 and 0x81000203 have been reported to appear when refreshing the driver with a message that no restore point could be made or volume shadow copy service used by framework restore isn’t working and so on. This post will control you through suggestions that will help you settle the error.

Volume Shadow Copy Service error 0x81000202 or 0x81000203

A Volume Shadow Copy Service component experienced a sudden error

Here is the rundown of suggestions you can attempt to determine the Shadow Copy Service error.

  • Restart VSS related Services
  • Run System File Checker and DISM
  • Perform Chkdsk
  • Remove any Tuneup Utilities

You will require administrator permission to determine it.

1] Restart VSS related Services

VSS Services

Type services.msc in the Run prompt(Win + R) and press the Enter key. In the Services Snap-in, find the accompanying services, and restart them—Virtual Disk and Virtual Disk Copy.

You can double-tap to open the service, set it to automatic. Under-recovery, you set what happens when it falls flat for the principal, second, and following disappointments. It is best to continue restarting the service.

2] Run System File Checker and DISM

SFC and DISM command help fix corrupt framework files. You can use these commands on a raised command prompt with administrator permission. The utility will supplant them with the original file, and VSS should be settled.

You should run these commands and let it do and fix things.

3] Perform Chkdsk

CHKDSK is a framework utility that checks file framework, metadata of storage for consistent and actual errors. You can use the boundaries/f,/r,/x, or/b to fix errors on that volume. Post this, the computer will restart, and if conceivable, a piece of your storage will be fixed.

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You can likewise right-click on the essential drive, which you wish to check and choose Properties. Next, click on the Tools tab, and under Error-checking, click on the Check button. This option will check the drive for file framework errors.

4] Remove Tuneup Utilities

There are numerous forum strings around VSS errors are identified with AVG Tuneup Utilities. The product has known to cause issues, and uninstalling it has settled the issue. So you can take a stab at doing likewise and then check if the issue appears back.

I trust the post was anything but difficult to follow, and you had the option to determine Volume Shadow Copy Service error 0x81000202 and 0x81000203 on Windows 10.

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