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How To Check Word Count on Google Docs

by Ishaq Dar
Check Word Count on Google Docs

Google docs becoming the hope for students & professionals who want to manage documents for free. And with incredible support to a cloud drive, users have started to like it even more. However, many users don’t know about working with facilities, so I’m here to help. I’ll provide assistance for users who want to acknowledge How To Check Word Count on Google Docs. It’s simple, so just keep reading the drafted article.


How Do I Check Word Count on Google Docs?

As you know that Google Docs is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Also, users can benefit from its services on their web browsers, so it can also be used on computers. So to Check Word Count on Google Docs works differently depending upon the device you are using it on.

For Android Users

  • Launch your document inside Google Docs app on Android.
  • Tap once on the three-dotted icon.
  • From the appearing menu select Word Count

For iOS Users

  • Open the document in Google Docs on iPhone or iPad.
  • From the main interface, tap once on the horizontally aligned dotted icon.
  • Hit Word Count

For Laptop & Desktop Users

Check Word Count on Google Docs

  • Access to Google Doc in Chrome.
  • Navigate to Tools
  • Click on Word Count

Users can also implement Google Doc shortcut depending upon their Operating system:

  • Windows OS: Press Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Mac OS: Command + Shift + C

How Can You Get Word Count of Selected Text?

Check Word Count

For users who are interested in getting word count for selected text in Google Docs, they can implement a simple method. Individuals can select a piece of words from a document and then perform the same method of checking word count on Google Docs.

What’s Excluded From Word Count in Google Docs?

Let me remind you that not all of the characters are included in the word count. Google Docs only gives you the exact calculation of letters available in an article. But things like signs or special characters (>, <, …) are excluded from the word count.

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