Disney Plus Keeps Buffering and Freezing

Fix: Disney Plus Keeps Buffering and Freezing

Almost every device owner is familiar with the Disney+ services. Because when you have a love for the media industry, you would always stick with the biggest media platforms in the market. However, there are users who have complained about getting errors while benefiting from the platform.

So for the users of this premium live streaming portal, I’m glad to be of service. Here, I’ll discuss several methods to Fix Disney Plus Keeps Buffering and Freezing error. Readers are requested to read the presented instructions with undivided attention.


5 Ways to Fix Disney Plus Keeps Buffering and Freezing

Relaunch Disney+

No matter if you are using Disney+ on your web browser or desktop app, there’s always a chance that the platform’s server starts responding laggy. So to save yourself from extra hassle, try relaunching the portal’s services. If you are benefiting from it on a web browser, then relaunch it, else, relaunch the app.

Reinstall Disney Plus

Disney Plus Keeps Buffering

Reinstalling Disney Plus can also be beneficial in a situation when you are frustrated by the buffering or freezer screen. So all you have to do is first uninstall the app from your system and then install it from a trusted source like Microsoft Store.

Ensure Network Connectivity

One of the biggest reasons for Disney Plus Keeps Buffering and Freezing error is an unhealthy internet connection. Because when a user starts to watch media at slow speed internet, his videos have a right to buffer a lot. So to make your live streaming experience smooth, it’s suggested that you have at least 5Mbps for HD and 25Mbps for Ultra HD.

Perform a Power Cycle

It’s also a possibility that your devices are causing trouble. So to check if that’s the case, you have to shut down your devices like computer, Xbox, or PS4. Then also turn off your modem/router for about 20 seconds. Afterward, turn them on to check if it resolves the issue.

See for Updates

Disney Plus Keeps Freezing

Specifically for users who are using the Disney+ app on their system, they need to check whether if there’s a pending app update or not. Because whenever an error hits a server, the developers add an update so users don’t have to face any kinds of lags in the future.

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