Fix: You Don’t Have Permission To Access This Server

While visiting websites over the internet, a user has to face lots of restrictions. The Access Denied error is common in lots of countries. So here, I’ll be providing fixes to the You Don’t Have Permission To Access This Server error. Readers are advised to read the instructions carefully before implementing any method.


5 Ways to Fix You Don’t Have Permission To Access This Server

Disable All Free VPN Services

ou Don't Have Permission To Access This Server

If you are using a free VPN to surf the internet, then maybe it’s time to disable it. Because many websites like Netflix contain algorithms that detect VPN connection and block its access point. So no matter if you are using VPN software or VPN extensions, if it’s free, disable it and then check if it works for you.

Start Using Premium VPN Services

Access Denied

By any chance, if the website you are trying to visit is blocked by the local network authorities, then only a premium VPN can help you solve the Access Denied issue. So to be successful, I’ll recommend you to try ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Because these only two programs work on all kinds of websites.

Forbid Proxy Connections

  • Launch the Control Panel
  • Click on Network and Internet >> Internet Options
  • Navigate to the Connections tab.
  • Hit LAN Settings
  • Uncheck Use a proxy server for your LAN
  • Click on the Ok button.

Reset Browser Data

  • Chrome: Launch Chrome Settings and expand the options by clicking on Advanced. Now under Reset and Clean up, click on Reset settings to their original defaults.
  • Firefox:  Click on the three-dotted and navigate to Help >> Troubleshooting Information. Now hit the Refresh Firefox button.

Forget a Website on Firefox

Fix You Don't Have Permission To Access This Server

  • Navigate to the Firefox History tab by pressing CTRL + H from your device’s keyboard.
  • Right-click on a specific website’s link and select Forget About This Site
  • Relaunch Firefox.

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