How to Fix Printer not printing in color on Windows 10

The Print Spooler in Windows 10 occasionally creates a blunder when attempting to print, and thus, no yield comes from the influenced printer. On other occasions, you may see the printer not printing in color. This is generally observed with the Surface Pro tablet. If you too have been experiencing this issue, we have a workaround for it!

Fix Printer not printing in color

For this situation, you should initially check the printing inclinations, and likewise, verify if the Print in Gray Scale option is empowered.

  • Dispatch the Run Dialog box.
  • Type control printers and hit Enter.
  • Pick your Printer.
  • Right-click it and select Printing Preferences
  • Look down to Color
  • Pick Print in color option.
  • Close and exit.

At the point when the printer is not printing in color, it is conceivable that its settings have been set to print in greyscale. Changing this back to the Print in color option ought to take care of the issue.

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Press Windows Logo key + R, to open the Run dialogue box.

In the vacant field of the case that appears, type control printers and hit the OK button.

At the point when coordinated to the Devices and Printers page, look down to the Printers section.


Here, right-click on the printer icon that you are using and pick the Printing Preferences option.

Now, explore to the Color section. Here, 2 options are displayed, in particular –

  • Print in color
  • Print in grayscale

Try to pick the Print in color option.


If you don’t see the Color tab, check the Advanced Options and check whether the Print in Grayscale is off.

Once done, close the Printing Preferences window and you’ll see the printer printing in color.

Your printer issue should be fixed at this point. If it doesn’t, run the Printer Troubleshooter, run Windows Update, and likewise check if your Printer Drivers are modern.

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