Google Chrome Sync Keeps Pausing

Fix: Google Chrome Sync Keeps Pausing

Not millions, but billions of internet users rely on Google Services. And most of the time, the tech giant does a pretty well job in providing good services to its consumers. But nothing’s inevitable, there are situations when users have to face troubles while benefiting from the free services.

Here, I’ve enlisted a bunch of easy methods to Fix Google Chrome Sync Keeps Pausing. So individuals can totally benefit from this Chromium-based browser as they desire to.


5 Ways to Fix Google Chrome Sync Keeps Pausing

Adding Account Page

Google Chrome Sync Keeps Pausing

  • Visit¬†chrome://settings through URL bar.
  • Under Privacy and security, click on Site Settings
  • Hit Cookies and site data
  • Click on the Add button placed right in front of Sites that can always use cookies
  • Type¬† in the provided space and hit Add
  • Relaunch Google Chrome.

Disable Identity Consistency

  • Go to chrome://flags using the URL address bar in Chrome.
  • Type Identity consistency inside the search bar
  • Now click on the available drop-down button and select Disabled
  • Relaunch Chrome to apply changes.

Turn Off Cookie AutoDelete

Chrome paused every time

  • Type chrome://settings/cookies inside the URL bar and press Enter
  • Now turn off the toggle of Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome
  • Check if it resolves the issue after your relaunch the web browser.

Re-Enter Google DNS

Sometimes when you update your operating system or you connect to a new network, your DNS settings are reset to default. To check if that’s not the case, you should try re-entering Google DNS values.

  • Launch Control Panel using the Cortana search.
  • Go to Network and Internet >> Network and Sharing Center
  • Click on Change Adapter Settings
  • Right-click on the connected network and select Properties
  • Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and hit Properties
  • Click on Use the following server addresses
  • Enter the following values:
  • Hit Ok to save changes.

Check Google Services Status

Fix Google Chrome Sync Keeps Pausing

Anything’s possible, so if none of the above-provided methods work to solve Google Chrome Sync Keeps Pausing issue, it’s time to check if Google services are still alive-n-kicking or not. To do so, you just have to visit Google’s Status Dashboard on a web browser of your choice. From there, see what services are still working.

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