NVIDIA GeForce Experience C++ Runtime Error

Fix NVIDIA GeForce Experience C++ Runtime Error

NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience is a ground-breaking program normally pre-installed on Windows PCs with the NVIDIA illustrations card. This application upgrades games and stays up with the latest.

GeForce Experience additionally has some pleasant highlights like empowering you to stream and record your gaming to share clips on the web and mess around with channels. Be that as it may, GeForce Experience can give you migraines when you get blunders or stops working.

For instance, you can experience the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime mistake when you check for NVIDIA illustrations card updates. If you’re as of now confronting this issue, I’ll present you with fixes to dispose of the mistake for good.

Fix NVIDIA GeForce Experience ‘C++ Runtime Error’

We’ll fix the GeForce Experience C++ Runtime mistake using the accompanying arrangements.

  • Restart your PC.
  • Use NVIDIA Experience with raised advantages.
  • Disable administrations related to NVIDIA.
  • Update NVIDIA Experience manually.
  • Reinstall NVIDIA Experience and its parts.

I suggest that you apply these fixes in the request they’re introduced. In the event that you don’t know how to do the above activities, keep perusing this post for the full aides.

1] Restart your PC

Restarting your PC is the most direct approach to fix shallow issues on your PC, and it has likewise fixed the GeForce Experience C++ Runtime blunder for many users.

If the blunder appeared after you updated the driver, it very well may be that the update didn’t install appropriately. On starting up after the reboot, dispatch Nvidia Experience, and change to the Drivers tab.

Here, hit the Check for Updates button. If the update were effective, it wouldn’t locate another adaptation. In any case, if the program discovers another driver, download it once more. If this doesn’t fix the GeForce Experience C++ Runtime blunder, proceed to the following arrangement.

2] Use NVIDIA Experience with elevated privileges

The GeForce Experience C++ Runtime mistake could be a straightforward permissions issue. This program is vital to the working of your machine. Subsequently, you need elevated privileges to install its updates.

Assume you’re getting the GeForce Experience C++ Runtime mistake, close NVIDIA Experience and the entirety of its related cycles.

Next, right-click on the alternate route and select to Run as Administrator from the setting menu.

Select Yes when asked in the User Account Control popup to affirm the activity. At the point when Nvidia Experience opens, attempt to update it again or reproduce the mistake.

3] Disable administrations related to NVIDIA

This arrangement is generally relevant if you get the GeForce Experience C++ Runtime mistake while uninstalling Nvidia Experience. It likewise works if the mistake comes when you update the program.

This fix works for most cases because the GeForce Experience C++ Runtime mistake might be a consequence of clashing NVIDIA administrations or conditions. Stopping the administration will dispose of the blunder.

For this fix, we expect that the blunder is caused by other administrations that depend on Nvidia. To check this, we’ll need to disable all the administrations related to Nvidia. Right-click on the Start button and select Run from the setting menu.

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In the Run exchange box, enter services.cpl and click on the OK button to open the Services screen. We need to discover all the Nvidia-related administrations on this page, and here’s an easy method to do this.

Click on the Name heading at the top of the section with the goal that the administrations get arranged in sequential request. Next, look down to the administrations whose names start with a Nv.

Right-click on the entirety of the administrations with Nvidia in their names and hit the Stop alternative from the setting menu. In the wake of stopping all the Nvidia-related administrations, attempt to reproduce the GeForce Experience C++ Runtime blunder to check whether it’s fixed.

4] Update NVIDIA Experience manually

If you actually get the GeForce Experience C++ Runtime mistake now, it’s protected to state that the automatic update won’t work. Luckily, you can update NVIDIA Experience manually. This way, you don’t rely upon the application to download the fundamental files.

To update NVIDIA Experience manually, dispatch your web browser and go to NVIDIA Driver Downloads page. Here, select your Product Type, Product Series, and Product.

Pick your working framework, select Game Ready Driver (GRD) from the Download Type dropdown menu, and click Search. At long last, hit the Download button on the following page to start the cycle.

Following a fruitful download, double tap on the file and hit Yes to consent to open it as an Administrator. On fulfillment of this cycle, restart your machine.

5] Reinstall NVIDIA Experience and its parts

A total update of Nvidia Experience will fix the GeForce Experience C++ Runtime error. Reinstalling the application wipes out inconsistencies and bugs that may exist in Nvidia Experience or any Nvidia segment.

To start with, you need to uninstall NVIDIA Experience. Press the Windows key + R blend to dispatch the Run discourse box. In it, enter appwiz.cpl and click the OK button.

In the Programs and Features window, find and uninstall all the applications with NVIDIA in their name by right-clicking on them and choosing the Uninstall choice. Subsequent to doing this, restart your PC.

Next, visit download the latest release of NVIDIA GeForce Experience. Double-tap on the downloaded file and install it adhering to the on-screen guidelines.

Now, dispatch the program and change to the Drivers tab. Hit the Check for Updates button at the top and install all the forthcoming driver updates that appeared there.

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