Fix: WinZip Not Working in Windows 10 and Mac

Users create archives for their convenience, but not to deliver extra hassle. While using WinZip, users can easily compress and extract files with ease. But there are users who are facing issues while trying to benefit from it. So here, I’ve drafted a guide to Fix WinZip Not Working in Windows 10 and Mac. I’ll provide separate methods for the assistance of Windows 10 and Mac OS users.


How Can You Fix WinZip Not Working in Windows 10?

Windows 10 users can have more than one solution to Fix WinZip Not Working error. They can either reinstall the app or ensure that the required .net framework is installed on their system. If you don’t know much about performing such tasks, get help from the drafted methods.

Step 1. Reinstall WinZip

WinZip Not Working in Windows 10

  • Launch Windows 10 Settings. (shortcut: Win + I)
  • Navigate to the Apps tab.
  • Under Apps & Features, use the search bar to locate WinZip
  • Select the app and click on the Uninstall button.
  • Once the utility is uninstalled, reinstall the latest version of WinZip via the official website.

Step 2: Get Latest .Net Framework

Sometimes Windows 10 is unable to download and install the latest version of the .net framework. Resulting-in, you have to face issues like Run WinZip Button is not working.

  • Launch the Microsoft Official website on your web browser.
  • Download the recommended version of .Net Framework
  • Once the required file is downloaded, install it.
  • Allow your PC to restart, so it could apply the changes.

What To Do To Fix WinZip Not Working in Mac?

Mac machines work differently as compared to Windows 10 PC or Laptop. So if users are facing trouble with an installed app, then don’t have many options to bypass the error. They can either boot their system in the Recovery Mode or reinstall the app for their greater good. In the case of WinZip Not Working, reinstalling the app is enough.

WinZip Not Working in Mac

  • Select the WinZip app.
  • Drag its icon onto the trash icon.
  • Confirm the action.
  • Enter your Apple ID passcode (if asked).
  • After the successful uninstallation of WinZip, reinstall it.

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