Net­flix T1 Error on Win­dows 10

Fix: Net­flix T1 Error on Win­dows 10

Netflix is always preferred by users who don’t want to be irritated by lame errors while live streaming movies & shows. But now, there seem to be some errors that can be really annoying. So here, I’ve decided to help my readers Fix Net­flix T1 Error on Win­dows 10. This problem is usually caused due to a network error, but there can also be other workarounds to bypass it.


4 Methods to Fix Net­flix T1 Error on Win­dows 10

Restart the Router & PC

Sometimes the error isn’t caused by the apps you are using, it can be caused due to malfunctioning of a particular device. So first method to Fix Net­flix T1 Error on Win­dows 10 is to restart your PC and check if you are not irritated by the same issue or not.

If restarting your PC doesn’t solve the problem, then there might be a problem with the connected internet. So first of all, restart your router and again launch the Netflix app to live stream media. And do check if the internet is running as it is supposed to, because if it’s not working properly, then it might be the time to contact your service providers.

Disable VPN and Proxy

Netflix responds differently on devices that are connected with a VPN or Proxy server. So if you are have connected it with a VPN or Proxy, it’s time to disable it. Because Netflix has algorithms that don’t allow users to live stream media through a virtual private network.

If you are using a third-party VPN, you should disable it. And if you’ve enabled the built-in proxy settings, then perform the following steps to disable it for good.

Net­flix T1 Error

  • Press Win + I keys to launch Settings.
  • Navigate to Network & Internet
  • Select Proxy from the left pane.
  • Now disable all the toggles located on the right pane.

Correct Time & Date Settings

Net­flix T1 Error on Win­dows 10

  • Use the Start menu to open Windows 10 settings.
  • Click on Time & Language
  • Ensure that the first two toggles are enabled from the right-side menu.
  • For further improvement, click on the Sync Now button.

Reinstall Netflix or Start Using a Web Browser

By any chance, if none of the above-provide solutions work for you, then here’s what you can do. Either reinstall the Netflix app on your system or start using a third-party web browser to live stream media content. You know that Netflix also has an online portal, so hopefully, you’ll not face any trouble while live streaming from the official website.

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