Fix Bluetooth speaker paired

How to Fix Bluetooth speaker paired, but no Sound in Windows 10

Bluetooth speakers are an extraordinary method to improve the general user experience, because of its movability. While it works clearly, now and again even paired, there is no sound or music in Windows 10. The issue could be as straightforward as a dead battery case, or it probably won’t be a default speaker on the framework.

Bluetooth speaker connected, but no Sound or Music

I am assuming here that both the devices are paired. You can affirm that by going to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth. Having done that follow the tips.

  • Check Bluetooth Status
  • Set Bluetooth Speaker as Default
  • Run the Audio and Bluetooth Troubleshooters
  • Restart Bluetooth Support Service

You should have the option to determine using these tips without any admin advantages.

1] Check Bluetooth Status

The greater part of the Bluetooth speaker turns themselves off if they get sound input from the PC. If that is the situation with you, make a point to check if it’s turned on before you start playing music or video. There are LED lights on them to assist you with figuring it out.

2] Set Bluetooth Speaker as Default


  • Right-click on the Taskbar Volume symbol and select Open Sound Settings
  • In the Output dropdown area, select the Bluetooth speaker. If you hear music that is now running in the foundation, then the connection is good to go.
  • if you can’t hear anything, then click on Advanced Sound Options
  • It will list down all open applications that are trying to use the speaker.
  • Close to the app which cannot yield a sound, click on the dropdown, and afterward set the speaker as the yield devices

It should be working true to form now, and you will have the option to hear the sound. You can likewise set the default yield device by changing the Master Volume Output.

3] Run the Audio and Bluetooth Troubleshooters

Open Windows 10 Settings (Win + I), and afterward explore to Update and Security > Troubleshoot. Here you can find both Bluetooth and Playing Audio investigators, which you can use. Run them, and let the investigator manage its responsibility. You should have the option to comprehend the issue with the message they show toward the end, or the issue will be settled.

4] Restart Bluetooth Support Service

Windows houses a Bluetooth administration that deals with all Bluetooth connections. If you cannot connect other Bluetooth devices too, then restart the administration may help.

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  • Open Windows Services snap-in by typing services.msc in the Run prompt (Win + R) trailed by pressing the Enter key
  • Find Bluetooth Support Service
  • Right-click on it, and decide to restart.

Repeat the equivalent with Bluetooth Audio Gateway Service. Take a stab at reconnecting and afterward playing music or video to find if it worked.

These are a portion of the methods to determine the Bluetooth Speaker not working true to form. If it worked for you, told us in the remarks or offer your own answer.

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