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How to Fix Windows Update Error 0X80073BC3, 0X8007002, 0X80073B92 – 0X20009

If you get 0x80073BC3, 0x8007002, 0x80073B92 – 0x20009 error code during Windows Update, this is because of different framework segments which confuses the update cycle. The full error message says—The mentioned framework device cannot be found, there is a sharing infringement, or numerous devices are coordinating the identification models. The post will direct you on how you can resolve this issue with basic steps.

Windows Update Errors 0X80073BC3, 0X8007002, 0X80073B92 – 0X20009

As per Microsoft, the error happens when the update distinguishes various framework allotments during parcel examination and approval. If you have installed another framework drive however keep the past framework device connected, it will bring about a contention. Accepting you actually need the drive, you should either disconnect or impair the framework parcel causing the issue.

1] Disconnect the Drive

While the most ideal approach to do this is to physically disconnect the drive. The majority of the BIOS and UEFI permits you to cripple it if you cannot do eliminate it briefly. Reboot the PC, boot into the BIOS, and afterward find the segment where the equipment is recorded. When you find the drives, use the console to disable or enable it.

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Reboot the PC once more, and take a stab at refreshing the framework. Since the subsequent framework parcel isn’t accessible any longer, the update should finish.

2] Delete the second System Drive

Windows 10 Disk segment chief offers tools to erase, make, and union framework segments. You can use it to erase the unused framework segment and afterward make new ones as your need. When done, have a go at refreshing once more, and Windows Update ought not to be an issue, this time.

I trust you had the option to determine the Windows Update Error Code 0X80073BC3, 0X8007002, 0X80073B92 – 0X20009. If you need more assistance, allude to this Windows Updates investigating guide.

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