Microsoft new Project Latte will bring native Android apps to Windows 10 Desktop

Microsoft new Project Latte will bring native Android apps to Windows 10 Desktop

Microsoft tries to bring something new for its users every year. There is a reason why Windows is the best computer operating system in the world. Flexibility, compatibility, interface each and every element is the piece of perfection. Also, Windows allows you to do the maximum level of customization. Now Microsoft is going to launch a new project named “Project Latte”. It is a whole new level of Suite, a complete package for the Windows users who are also users of Android Smartphones.

What for the Android users?

Android apps and bigger screen, there is no other combination better than this. The company is not telling much about the new Android layer. Only limited information is available.

Android is the Linux Based OS, and the company have to adjust a bit to make Android Apps feel home. Maybe you will see some touch of Windows in the Suite too. Project Latte by Microsoft aims to bring Android apps to Windows and the Microsoft Store.

Content from XDA:

It doesn’t seem possible that Project Latte will include support for Google Play. It is restricted to native devices and Chrome OS, and can’t be used in an emulator.

As of this writing, Microsoft already offers a way to run Android apps on the Windows desktop. It is available to users of the Your Phone app who have a supported Samsung smartphone. This technology uses Android-to-Windows app streaming and is less reliable than the running code in the API emulator. The new project will most likely let you run Android apps no matter what phone you have.

Microsoft no longer views Windows as an exclusive platform for Windows applications. In addition to classic Win32 apps and modern UWP, it now allows you to have Linux apps, and will soon get support for Android apps. The project is expected to be included in Windows 10 version 21H1, a major feature update in the coming year.

Thanks to XDA.

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