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How to Fix Adobe Reader error 109

by Mohsin Raza
How to Fix Adobe Reader error 109

Adobe Acrobat Reader is numerous users’ favorite PDF reader, and it’s been around for some years. However, it’s not without its reasonable issues. To be reasonable, these issues originate fundamentally from the PDF file being worked on.

Trapeze artist Reader’s error 109 is one that shows up when you attempt to open records or spare them. Different factors, for example, contrariness and obsolete programming can cause error 109. If you’re encountering this issue, then this guide is for you.

How to Fix Adobe Reader error 109

If you get the Adobe error 109 when you attempt to open or spare a PDF file, this segment contains the accompanying fixes that will assist you with disposing of the error unequivocally. Keep perusing as I clarify the steps associated with the arrangements recorded previously.

1] Re-make the PDF or download it once more

Error 109 is one of the errors that Acrobat Reader tosses when you endeavor to open a corrupt PDF file. Re-downloading the file if you downloaded it can comprehend the issue. You may likewise make the PDF again from the original source if you made it yourself.

2] Switch from program to a PDF reader or the other way around

Some PDF files are too perplexing or enormous for internet browsers. If you’re opening the PDF in a program, and all the above fixes don’t eliminate the error 109, have a go at survey the report in the independent PDF reader. If you’re encountering the issue on the desktop application, have a go at opening it in a program.

3] Update Acrobat PDF reader


A purpose behind the error 109 could be a contradiction between the PDF file and the Acrobat Reader with which you’re attempting to open it. For instance, more current versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader don’t support more established PDF files. It is possible that they won’t open or they’ll toss the error 109. Refreshing the application will likewise fix security issues from the more seasoned variant.

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Visit Adobe Acrobat Reader’s site and download the most recent adaptation of the reader. Use it to update your current PDF reader, and attempt to open the file once more. If the issue perseveres, proceed to the following arrangement underneath.

4] Save the report as a .PS file

Oddly enough, users have fixed the error 109 by changing over the cart PDF file to the .ps format. To start with, close the PDF archive if it’s open. Go to the directory where the have the file and click on the View menu. Check the File name expansions choices on the lace.

Right-click on the PDF that is not opening and rename the file augmentation to .ps. From that point onward, spare the file back as a PDF and check if the error 109 still shows up.

5] Use Adobe Acrobat DC

Changing to the Standard or Pro versions of Adobe Acrobat DC can fix the issue. On the whole, you need to totally eliminate Acrobat Reader using this Adobe Reader and Acrobat Cleaner Tool.

This erases your own information, settings, and inclinations.

With Acrobat Reader eliminated from your PC, download either the Standard or Pro version of Acrobat DC.

6] Repair your installation of Acrobat Reader


If you get the error 109 when you open each PDF file, the issue is likely from your Acrobat Reader installation. Trapeze artist Reader’s Repair Installation choice can fix the error.

To use this choice, dispatch the application and click on the Help menu.

Select the Repair Adobe Reader Installation choice and permit the framework to accomplish the work. On fulfillment of the fixed cycle, reboot your machine, and attempt to open the PDF once more.

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