Disable Location Access in Windows 10

How To Disable Location Access in Windows 10

Many features of Windows 10 are appreciatable. One of the most favored facilities provided to Windows 10 users is customizations. Yes, users can perform tons of tweaks without having to worry about any kinds of restrictions. The only thing Windows 10 asks of you is that you should be using an updated version.

Some users have privacy issues, they want any of their service providers to locate their exact location. But the location access is enabled from the beginning. So if you are willing to turn off this default facility, read my guide about How To Disable Location Access in Windows 10. I’ll provide the proper set of instructions to help you achieve this goal.


How Do I Disable Location Access in Windows 10?

Windows 10 allows users to Disable Location Access. Because this facility is enabled by default, so users are required to complete this task manually. If you want to learn the proper procedure to get this done, get help from the steps drafted below:

1. Launch Windows 10 Settings from the Start menu or by pressing Win + I keys.Disable Location Access

2. From the settings tab, click on Privacy

3. Select the Location section from the left-pane.

4. Now under the Allow access to location on this device section, click on Change and Turn off the location access toggle.

5. In case, you are willing to disable specific apps from accessing your location, then you have to scroll down a little and disable their toggle individually.

6. But if you only want to disable all the desktop/default apps from accessing your location, then just disable the Allow desktop apps from accessing your location toggle.Disable Location Access in Windows 10

Note: Please ensure that you are not using a limited version of Windows 10. Because of the limited version where you get the Activate your Windows watermark, you’ll not be allowed to tweak some settings.

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