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How To Turn Off Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

by Ishaq Dar
Turn Off Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

Some facilities in Windows 10 can become a headache. For instance, the Game DVR that’s enabled by default, it’s specifically developed for the gamers. So what if you are not a gamer, you wouldn’t want to be bothered by it. That’s why I’ve decided to write a guide about How To Turn Off Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10. If you want to achieve such a goal, just keep reading this article.

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How Can You Turn Off Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10?

You are required to follow a simple set of instructions to Turn Off Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10.  And you don’t have to install any third-party utility to get the job done, because this operation can be done officially from the Windows 10 settings tab. If you want to learn more, get help from the drafted steps:

Step 1. First of all, you have to launch Windows 10 settings. You can either press Win + I keys from your keyboard or just open the settings from the Start menu.Turn Off Xbox Game Bar

Step 2. Now, from the Settings tab, you have to visit the Gaming section.

Step 3. Unable the toggle that’s available inside the Xbox Game Bar. This will disable the Xbox services temporarily until a new Windows 10 update is installed.

Step 4. The next thing you need to do is navigate to the Captures section from the left pane. And disable the toggle available under the Background Recording section.Turn Off Xbox Game Bar on Windows 10

To Disable Xbox Game Bar Permanently

If you are willing to Disable Xbox Game Bar once and for all, then press Win + X keys and select Windows PowerShell (Admin) from the appearing menu. Now all you have to do is execute the following command:

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay | Remove-AppxPackage

Disable Xbox Game Bar Permanently

By any chance, if you think that turning off Xbox Game Bar was a mistake, then you can re-enable it from the Microsoft Store. You can just launch the store and use the search bar to get the utility you want on your computer.

That’s all, keep visiting WindowsBoy for more.

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