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How to restore deleted fonts in Microsoft Office

In this post, we will help you how to restore deleted fonts in Microsoft Office. Throughout some stretch of time, you may have taken out certain fonts that you seldom or never use while working with MS Word, Excel, or other Office items. If you need to get back those deleted fonts, then there are some straightforward choices that can support you. This post covers those choices.

Restore deleted fonts in Microsoft Office

You have the following four choices:

  • Fix Office
  • Download and install deleted fonts manually
  • Add deleted fonts to Fonts folder
  • Use System Restore.

1] Repair Office

Repair Office

This is one of the useful alternatives to restore fonts eliminated from MS Office. You ought to just attempt to fix Office and check if you get back the deleted fonts.

For this, entrance the Apps and highlights page in the Settings app and use the Modify alternative for the installed variant of MS Office to begin the fixed cycle.

Microsoft Office gives both offline fixes and online fixes to fix different issues. This may likewise work for eliminated fonts.

2] Download and install deleted fonts manually

If you don’t get any assistance subsequent to repairing MS Office, then you have to physically download fonts and install them. Fortunately, there are numerous administrations accessible to get fonts. Use those sources to download TrueType or OpenType fonts that you require and afterward install those fonts. You can likewise download and install fonts from Microsoft Store.

From that point forward, open MS Word or other Office items, and check if you get that text style that was deleted. It should work.

3] Add deleted fonts to Fonts folder

Add Fonts Manually

MS Office fonts can be found in the Fonts folder of Windows. You can get to that folder and glue your MS Office fonts in that folder to recuperate eliminated fonts. Before doing that, separate the compressed file (if any) of your textual style to copy it. From that point forward, access this way:


Glue the text style in that folder.

4] Use System Restore

Restoring your framework to a prior point is another convenient alternative to recuperate eliminated fonts in Microsoft Office. However, it will work just when your framework restore point is turned on and you’ve made some restore points. If there is no restore point, this alternative won’t support you.

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What you have to do is access your framework restore points and use a restore point for a specific date and time. Follow the steps to effectively restore your PC to that specific date and time. It will likewise influence different applications, programs, and so forth Along these lines, cautiously use this alternative.

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