Exclude Files & Folders from Windows Defender

Exclude Files & Folders from Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the official product of Microsoft which is developed for the benefit of Windows users. However, such a facility can also be a headache when it comes to installing third-party apps on Windows 10. Well, disabling Windows Defender totally is yet a good option, but not as safe for users who are not using any third-party antivirus.

If you care for your device’s security and wish to install a third-party utility, then you can get help from this guide. As it emphasizes a simple way to Exclude Files & Folders from Windows Defender. Please do read the drafted instructions carefully before performing any action.


How Do I Exclude Files & Folders from Windows Defender?

Click on the Start menu button from the Windows 10 taskbar and type Security in the available search bar. Now from the search results, launch the Windows Security utility.Add an Exclusion to Windows Security

Select Virus & threat protection from the left pane and click on the Manage settings link from the right-pane.Exclude Files from Windows Defender

Now scroll down and click on the Add or remove exclusions link.Exclude Folders from Windows Defender

After clicking on +Add an exclusion button, make a selection depending upon your requirement. Heed below to learn about the four options you get after clicking on the available button.

  1. File
    Add files that you want to bypass from the virus scan.
  2. Folder
    Add full folders for your convenience.
  3. File Type
    Add specific file types like .doc or even .exe
  4. Process
    Add a process that you think Windows Defender wouldn’t allow running.

Once you have made the right selection, you’ll be prompted to a browsing tab, from which you can make the desired selections.

When you’ve added a file, folder, process, or file type, its details will start to appear under the +Add an exclusion button. It means that you were successful in excluding a file/folder.

If you want to erase a specific file/folder from the list, select it and click on the Remove button.Exclude Files & Folders from Windows Defender

That’s all, keep visiting WindowsBoy for more.

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