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Disable Windows Defender Real-Time Protection

by Ishaq Dar
Disable Windows Defender Real-Time Protection

I’ve encountered cases where I’m unable to install third-party apps just because of Windows Defender Real-Time Protection. It seemed very frustrating for me because I wanted to use different anti-virus protection with a lot more facilities.

So then the only option left for me was to Disable Windows Defender Real-Time Protection manually. If you are one of such users who want to turn off this built-in malware protection facility, then this guide will be beneficial for you. Here, I’ll discuss the proper steps of getting this job done.


How Do I Disable Windows Defender Real-Time Protection?

A short reminder for you before disabling Windows Defender Rear-Time Protection, don’t disable it unless you are willing to install another antivirus software. But in case you are disabling it just to install a game or app, then do enable it right after that app is installed.

Disable Windows Defender Real-Time Protection

  • Press Windows + I keys simultaneously from your keyboard.
  • Now from the settings app, click on Update & Security
  • Select Windows Security from the left-side menu.
  • Under the Protection areas section, click on Virus & threat protection
  • From the Virus & threat protection settings, hit Manage settings
  • For better results, disable all three toggles.
  • If you just want to Disable Windows Defender Real-Time Protection, then only turn off the Real-time protection toggle.

To enable Real-Time Protection in the future, just enable the toggles that you disabled manually. You’ll not be asked to enter any account info or details to turn it on. But a single hit on the disabled toggles will get the job done.

Always do remember that Windows Defender is to help you but not to bother you. So after you are done completing the task of bypassing an error or installing a third-party utility, don’t forget to enable it again as it is added for your benefit.

That’s all, keep visiting WindowsBoy for more.

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