Multiboot From USB With Multiple ISO Files

Multiboot From USB With Multiple ISO Files – Here’s How To?

The era of CD and DVD is near to the end. Everything is portable and wireless and medium free, things which are still there are near to shifting. Previously, we have to buy the expensive DVDs and CDs to install the original Windows with the activation key on the Laptop. Now all you need is a bootable USB for installation of Windows 10 on a Laptop. Which you can get for free, if your friend, sibling, or cousin have the one. By the way, you can also create your own Bootable USB for multipurpose.

Learn how to Multiboot From USB With Multiple ISO Files from this tutorial.

There are many online tools that let you perform this operation. Mention worthy name among the tools is Rufus. But when it comes to creating a multiboot USB you can’t find a lot of options. If we name some of the Multiboot USB creators than we have YUMI, MultiBootUSB live USB creator, SARDU MultiBoot USB, and WinSetupFromUSB. These tools are not easy to understand, infact only people who have enough knowledge can use these tools. Among the Multiboot USB maker tools, we have software known as Ventoy.

Why we should use Ventoy?

The first reason is the one that we have already mentioned i.e it is the easiest to understand and use. The second reason, that it is the opensource tool that means you don’t have to pay even a single penny. Third, you can create a multi-purpose multiboot USB. Multiple ISO files can be placed within the USB and can be booted from.

How Ventoy creates a multi-boot USB flash drive

  1. Download the Ventoy installation package from here.
  2. Create a new folder named it as ISO or whatever you like. Extract Ventoy files to that folder
  3. Plugin the USB flash drive and then run the Ventoy2Disk application.
  4. The application will automatically recognize any USB flash drives if present on the local computer and show it below the Device. It means the device is connected to the computer successfully.
  5. Wish to make a new installation from scratch? Click on the Install option. This action formats the USB drive and removes any data on it.


  • If you wish to only upgrade to the newer Ventoy version, click Update. This will make no changes to the data on the USB flash drive, including the existing ISO files.’

Second Step: Boot from multi-boot USB flash drive

  1. After copying the required image(s), keep the USB plugged in and reboot the computer.
  2. Press F12 to bring up the temporary computer startup menu.
  3. There will be two USB bootable devices on the list. Select EFI USB Device to boot to the Ventoy menu.
  4. The screen will then display a list of the ISOs present on the USB, from which you may select to boot from and continue with the install

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