Unable To Connect To The Internet in Windows 10

Unable to Connect to The Internet in Windows 10

If you can’t connect your device to the internet, then you need to take care of some things. Here, I’ve added some troubleshooting solutions to help you bypass such a frustrating error. In precise, I’ll be helping users who areĀ Unable to Connect to The Internet in Windows 10. This error is received in the web browser like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. So I’ll be providing strategies that’ll help you remove it once and for all.


Fix Unable to Connect to The Internet in Windows 10

Before I take you to any further steps of getting the job done, I want you to check one thing. Rather than your WiFi router, try connecting your device to another wireless device. And if your PC is connecting perfectly, then there may be your network is not working as it’s supposed to. But if it is not connecting to other wireless connections, then you need to perform the following methods:

Turn-on WPS

Only for users who have WiFi routers with WPS facility, they should enable it by following a simple procedure. Such users should click once on the connect button from their computer and while their PC is trying to connect with this network, press the WPS button from the WiFi router. A user will not be asked to enter any network details, but it’ll connect automatically.

Connect Automatically

Unable to Connect to The Internet

You might be having this trouble because your PC’s cache is not working accordingly. In such a situation, you can enable the automatic connection facility in Windows 10. For that, just tap once on the network icon, and before tapping on the connect button, check the Connect automatically checkbox.

Run The Network Troubleshooter

Unable to Connect to The Internet in Windows 10

  • Press Windows + I keys simultaneously.
  • From the settings window, click on Update & Security
  • Select Troubleshoot from the left-side menu.
  • First, select Internet Connections from the right-side window.
  • Now click on Run the troubleshooter
  • Follow the onscreen instructions until the job is done.

That’s all, keep following WindowsBoy for more.

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