Features removed in Windows 10 v20H2 October 2020 Update

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Microsoft is now revealing the most recent Feature Update-Windows 10 version 20H2, which incorporates a few redesigns and enhancements, particularly the implementation of Alt+Tab to switch between tabs in Edge. Yet, a few highlights have additionally been taken out as they are not any more required. This post takes a gander at such feature(s) and how it impacts the general insight.

Features removed in Windows 10 v20H2

Microsoft has authoritatively taken out only one element from the October update—MBAE administration metadata. It has been supplanted by a MO UWP app (Metadata for the MBAE administration is eliminated).

MBAE was used to make and present a help metadata bundle to make an encounter that is profoundly coordinated with Windows. This has been supplanted by the MO UWP app, which doesn’t need making administration metadata on the Windows Dev Center Hardware dashboard.

Here is the table clarifying it in a word.

MBAE Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 Sysdev metadata Sysdev metadata or COSA if declared as part of the profile
MO UWP app Windows 10 (preferably version 1803 and later with the same SDK version) COSA database COSA database

All things considered, the element was checked committed in Windows 10 1803, and 20H2 imprints its finish. Developers who haven’t yet actualized should execute the MO UWP app.

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According to Microsoft:

Most business logic source code, however, should not require much change. For example, the code for accessing the back end and accessing mobile broadband information might be the same. However, MOs should validate each of the Mobile broadband app scenarios accordingly

In general it’s incredible from a consumer point of view as it’s only a developer update, and I am certain most developers probably moved up to the new model.

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