Administrative Templates for Windows v20H2


Windows 10 newly launched Administrative Templates for Windows v20H2 are available to download. Get the new arrival from Windows Boy now. Now that have alot of features and added that let the uses play with the default interface, built-in settings and now administrative templates too. Administrative (Admx) Templates are built for each version individually. Sometimes the official developers add new to them or sometimes they just polish the previous ones for every version of Windows 10.

We have to configure the Administrative Templates for Windows v20H2 using the Group Policy Editor. If you didn’t get the templates then you can manually download them from the internet. They also provide a second source for their product either official or unofficial.

Download Administrative Templates for Windows v20H2

This tutorial is demonstrated for the users who are seeking for latest Administrative Templates for Windows v20H2. Also, the procedure of how to configure them is written down. Follow the steps they are just simple and you need to explore some settings.

New Additions

  • Allow WUfB Cloud Processing
  • Configure the inclusion of Edge tabs into Alt-Tab
  • Allow Update Compliance Processing
  • Allow Desktop Analytics Processing
  • Turn off cloud-optimized content

How to Download and install Administrative Templates for Windows v20H2


  1. After Downloading Double click on the file to  Run the downloaded .msi package.
  2. Click on Next, on the installation wizard’s welcome screen.
  3. Accept the terms by checking the box and click Next On the next screen,.
  4. Now select the installation location and click Next
  5. Click Install on the confirmation screen.

How to change Language?

This downloaded file includes the Administrative Templates (.admx) for Windows 10 20H2, in the following languages:

  • cs-CZ Czech – Czech Republic
  • da-DK Danish – Denmark
  • de-DE German – Germany
  • el-GR Greek – Greece
  • en-US English – United States
  • es-ES Spanish – Spain
  • fi-FL Finnish – Finland
  • fr-FR French – France
  • hu-HU Hungarian – Hungary
  • it-IT Italian – Italy
  • ja-JP Japanese – Japan
  • ko-KR Korean – Korea
  • nb-NO Norwegian (Bokmål) – Norway
  • nl-NL Dutch – The Netherlands
  • pl-PL Polish – Poland
  • pt-BR Portuguese – Brazil
  • pt-PT Portuguese – Portugal
  • ru-RU Russian – Russia
  • sv-SE Swedish – Sweden
  • tr-TR Turkish – Turkey
  • zh-CN Chinese – China
  • zh-TW Chinese – Taiwan

These are the languages and their codes that you can select while installing. So that the templates you have downloaded will automatically come in your selected language.

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