How to format C drive using Command Prompt

Numerous users need to know how to format the System or C drive using Command Prompt. While Command Prompt makes it simple to format nearly anything except the C drive where Windows is installed. In this post, we will share how you can erase the C drive from the command prompt – however not the typical way.

Format C drive using Command Prompt

This is accepting you can at present boot into Windows 10 of every a standard way. If you cannot, the main path is to use a bootable USB drive. You can then use the advanced recovery

You should use the Format command to format any parcel. If you wish to erase a bit, then you can use the Diskpart Utility.

1] Reset Windows 10

Reset this PC

Windows 10 offers an underlying arrangement that permits you to Reset or Refresh Windows 10 PC. While the later is the point at which you have to dispose of all additional stuff on the computer, the structure permits you to clean wipe the PC, yet keep Windows installed. That makes it simple to handover the computer.

This isn’t exactly the command prompt method yet explains the reason where you needed to erase the C Drive.

2] Format drive using Advanced Recovery

You can boot into Advanced Recovery from Windows without the requirement for a bootable drive.

Open Windows 10 Settings > Update and Security > Recovery > Advanced Startup. Click on Restart Now button and it will take you directly into Advanced Recovery.

Here you can choose to open a command prompt, and afterward use the FORMAT command to erase everything from the C Drive.

You can likewise use the Diskpart tool to erase segments and create another one from the scratch.

3] Bootable USB Drive

If you can’t boot into your computer under any circumstances, and you have to format everything, then the main choice is Bootable USB Drive.

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It will take you to the advanced recovery where you follow a similar choice as above. You can likewise use it to reinstall Windows 10 which will thus format everything on the computer.

Formatting or Deleting the C Drive for example Reseting Windows 10 is simple now.

You can follow any of these methods, yet try to consistently take a backup of the apparent multitude of files on your computer. Once the formatting is complete, you won’t have the option to recover information.

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